Positive V. Nice

Nice means you’re a push-over. The struggle to take charge and lead the classroom is an opportunity educators seize on the first day students enter their classroom.

The leaders we become to our students are often based on our past experiences. Some leaders rely on embarrassment and fear other leaders rely on empowerment and courage.

During my first day with my new students, I was asked if I was “nice” and I said with a stern face and hard eyes, “No.”

“I will greet each of you when you walk in the door. I will provide rewards for successful habits, I will actively listen if you have a sincere issue, I will also remind you that everyday will be a good day.

“‘Nice’ sounds like accommodate, accept, pass.  I won’t be nice to irresponsibility, low test scores, no purpose, and excuses. I am a positive person not a nice one.”

Positive and proactive trump nice.

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