5 Things Every New Teacher Should Know

1.  About Your Expertise

No one cares about your expertise. Forming appropriate relationships with your students is the most important thing to do as a teacher.

2.  Classroom Management

Read Harry Wong’s book and read it again. Follow the procedures then adapt, change, and evolve as a professional. Classroom management is the number one thing you have to master as a teacher.


Use the items that work for you. You will get a ton of advice from fellow educators and people that you know. Take what you like and leave the rest behind. I like Class Dojo. Use it to positively reinforce good behavior. Don’t use your Dojo to be negative.

4. Plans 

Beg, borrow, and steal everything you can from veteran teachers. Then plan ahead, plan ahead, and plan some more. Anticipating and interpreting your students’ needs is the key to being successful. You are smarter than a 5th grader. Use your intelligence to your advantage.

5. A Friend

Having someone to talk to that you don’t work with and who is removed, very removed, from your educational environment is a great way to keep your sanity. You’re going to need to vent sometime, and a good friend, who will listen, is the key component to healthily airing out your frustration.

Heroes always plan for the future. Happy teaching!  

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