Young Artist Super Heroes

In addition to saving the world through education, I am also the Executive Director of Art as an Agent for Change. A.A.C. has won awards for its programming, and I’m always pleased to have an eager new crop of talented “Justice Leaguers” who want to use their art for social uplift.
I met with the league last week. We discussed plans and created a general framework for the coming year. I shared three basic principles with the group:

1. “I don’t believe in elections when it comes to student orgs.”  I added, “Do you like your student government president?”

2. “This is the year of fear. We’re going to do everything we’re afraid to do.”

 3. “Organizational management is the number one thing we have to do well.”

Every super hero should have guidelines and ideals that they follow. Be able to help others understand why your principles are the keys to the success of your group’s goals and objectives. Tell them the story.

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