Superheroes Need Super Stories

Superheroes have powers.

She can quiet 40 children with the palm of her hand.

He can read 90 essays in a single sitting.

He has a Masters of  Science degree in physics.

Cough, yawn, snore.

Everyone is aware of and bored by your powers.

The story of your power is more compelling.

Who is Sundiata without being disabled and mute?

Who is Hercules without his 12 labors? 

Tell your origin in a sentence to your young heroes.

Illustrate your origin in a presentation.

Help your students understand your journey, the battles with villains, and the triumph they can achieve by choosing the right path.

Superheroes are super-smart, super-tenacious, and super-optimistic.

Tell super stories about your super journery.

The Irony of Education

Although you’ve spent a lifetime being good at school and you’ve finally got that degree, let me let you in on a little secret,  no one cares about your expertise.

Obtaining a piece of paper to hang on the wall isn’t the remarkable accomplishment. The edge of your seat journey about acquiring your pedigree, that’s remarkable.

Build your reputation by building relationships and sharing your journey with other young heroes.

This will make all the difference.