Go Now! Part II

I’m humbled to have one of my blog posts featured on Kyshona Armstrong‘s new album Go! She performed at an Art as an Agent for Change event a while back and our connection through art has continued to grow. Go! and check her single “Can You Feel It” Her music is true to the art, no gimmicks, unparalleled talent, and a soulful voice. 

I’ve known Kyshona Armstrong for quite some time and I’m proud to see this day. 

Don’t Forget the Little Things

Today is a good day to complete at least one task that you’ve been meaning to complete and strengthen a meaningful human connection with someone you already know.

Choosing Your Outcomes

The power of your activism is shaped by the outcomes you define before you begin your action. If you are in a race to yell the loudest, then let loud be your goal. If you aim to alleviate, restructure, or redesign, set your outcomes to fulfill this purpose.

Choose Your Audience

In order to choose yourself, choose your audience. Everyone doesn’t want activism and everyone doesn’t want reality T.V. Find the audience that supports your ART and then spread your message. Shut it Down!!!