Start the Journey

On wasting your time. There are millions of ways to be unproductive and disconnected. We can dwell in digital media and unravel in binges on television. There are millions of ways to waste your expertise and talent and millions of people who will capitalize on our preoccupation with escape.  I condone leisure. It is the best way to recharge and rejuvenate. I promote taking back your time and using it to create a sincere offering for the world. We need your experiences to reshape the story being told about the journey of humanity.
The goal, no matter what, is to start the journey, embrace the challenge, and create a story unlike any told before. Don’t waste your time. 

Making Art

Time. There is a finite amount each day and we start over again and again. Finding a way to use your efforts for your purpose and progression is tough. The rewards of finding a routine that captures your optimum art at the optimum daily time is invaluable. The trick is repurposing time and finding a way to use the mundane things like cell phones, comments, and sharing to a greater purpose than noise. Make art out of the moments you make remarkable.