Stop Looking Backwards

Embrace your talents and stop looking backwards, sideways, diagonal, and in-between. You’re simply distracting yourself. Get back on track and take part in your greatest moments.

Love your Beauty

Your stories are beautiful. Believe them into lessons the world should hear. All of you. Your beauty will take all of your intellect, your connections, your cravings checked, your soul aligned to bring your greatest days. Fall in love with your imperfections and your persistence. We are most beautiful when we become peace.

Dive into your Calling

Refusing to pay attention to your greatest gift is the gravest disservice to yourself. Shun the distractions and embrace your work. You are a special gift, a witness, a beacon, a flame that needs love and care. Dive into your true calling and everything else will begin to fall into place.

The Beauty of Generosity

Gracioulsy explore today. Connect with family. Seek justice if necessary and forge new horizons beyond the usual routine. The time to love and care for each other is everyday, but a clear schedule with abundant energy, is a gift. Make today a day to remember. Recognize and respect the sacrifices and share the beauty of your generosity.

Embrace Your Ultimate Potential

Live up to your full potential. Your time, efforts, talents, and strategies have assembled to create great days for you. Commitment and consistency maybe the territory that needs your attention most. Embrace routine and shun distractions. To shun is to deliberately avoid. Reach into your greatest efforts and never let go. Your unique, profound, and remarkable experiences are here and now. Make them, or better yet, realize every step you take is creating your greatest accomplishment. Find someone to love, but you must learn to take care of and love yourself first. Open the locks, pick the locks, or my favorite, smash down the doors of self limitation to embrace the reality of your ultimate potential. Your time is precious. Start today.

Refine Your Beauty

Keep refining your beauty and believe in your consistent work. Sometimes working nights is better for your creative energy.

Embrace Your Beauty

You have something beautiful to embrace today. Love is abundant. Care is needed. Commitment is necessary. Clearing out some old habits may be the best decision you make to start your week. Today isn’t the end it’s a beginning.

Intense Storms

There are intense storms swirling about you. Find your tranquil place amidst the storm and never orient your constellation to the chaos. Center. Focus. Embrace your love and your mission.

Unlearn Toxic Habits

Sometimes adulthood is unlearning habits we’re taught as survival instincts. Grow. Embrace new experiences and balance it all with consideration and respect for the experiences that shaped you and love for the future you are building. Stay purposed! Happy Friday!