Art and Focus

Spend some time with your art. Make something new. Refine what you’ve produced and love the process of creation.

Dwelling in the darkness of anti-creative and anti-imaginative space only produces more darkness. Look to the light inside you and inspire others with your beautiful work.

Love is a Force

Love is a force. Not just the romantic, I love you force, but that inspiration, wake up, go get’em, take action, fight for what’s right force. It’s all there. All of your deep power to make this world beautiful. It’s within you. It’s fighting to get out. Embrace and refine your power to make this world beautiful.

Building a Vision

You are a fortunate artist. You are building a vision and shaping a world. Keep fighting and striving for the best everyday.

Beautiful Rewards

Your most important work involves examining the past and looking into the sometimes troubling circumstances of your past as a way to transcend emotional hang ups and build the brightest future for yourself.

The greatest uncharted territories are the intricacies of your emotions and the depths of your imagination. Explore them diligently and you will discover the limitless potential within you.

Remain vigilant on your journey. The adventure is perilous and the rewards of self-discovery are the ultimate gifts of wisdom, understanding, and peace. Be bold and beautiful. You are truly a gift to the world.