Checking Twice

It’s better to have a second opinion on your opinion of your opinion. Let your work stand for itself. Your defense is on the page. Disarm the critic before they put their pen to the page.

The Industry

Learn it. Go to the conferences. Read your work in public. Show up. Shake their hands. Tell them about your work. Write about it. The journey is important.

Writing Challenge #2

Write three wishes and imagine them being filled by three people you know. Make them kind and make them build others up. Disguise your friends as sages on your path. Each [sage] should grant a wish that prepares your heart to create it’s best work. Share don’t share. Just di the work.


Everyone probably has a routine for their morning. Floss, brush your teeth, shave, shower, dress, and so on.

Our patterns are probably different, but the outcome, a clean, presentable, us for the world to see is the goal.

The usual should happen when you start penciling your words and introducing them to the page.

Was there a routine that brought you focus? Was clarity or insight triggered by stretching or focusing on a single scene or bit of dialogue.

Consider a routine to fortify your focus and bring all of those amazing ideas to light. Do it the same way every time, and shun the distractions. Your word count and your editor will love you.

The Best

It’s easy to believe that it’s all over when your pen stops moving, but the end is just the beginning.

Find a story that’s waiting to be told on your way to work.

A road sign may have a bit of graffiti or there maybe a notorious pothole that irks you every time you run over it.

Consider the stories you can create, and the questions you can answer about life and the universe as you grind through another day.

Your notebook awaits. The world needs your stories.

Pace Yourself

Start working on the little things in moderation.

Everything is written letter by letter, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, and so on.

Trying to produce the big picture, the book, the screenplay, the memoir all at once usually leads to frustration.

Go scene by scene or chapter by chapter, and you’ll begin to see progress.

After you’ve got the scenes and chapters, bind them all together and you’ll have something at the end.

Everywhere Else

You can go anywhere and find gossip, negativity, and trolls.

Where are the places where we find the opposite? The peace, the beauty, the building up of others, the best of us.

There should be some of those places to go along with the opposite.

Make one. Share it with us. We need more.

Saturday and Write

Go to a public place and brain dump. Write about everything you see, hear, imagine, and believe.

Save the pages. We’ll share them next Saturday.

Safety and Security

Too often, we dwell and linger in circumstances that bring us further away from our goals. It’s easy to say, don’t get derailed, but we have to freely admit, sometimes, staying on track is tougher than staying on the path. Seek the best you and embrace your weaknesses and your strengths to fortify your habits and strengthen your resolve. The first step is acknowledging and identifying the problem. The next step is overcoming the challenge. Go for it.