New Goals for Your Writing

Break new ground in your writing  by embracing new opportunities and experiences in the comings and goings of everyday life.  You can also consider the mundane as your ground for inspiration.

To find new ground in your work, examine your journey, your story, your present, your past, but most importantly, consider the end goals of what you’re working on.

Start with your steps to your end goal. If you are creating a book instead of developing chapters that will become a book. You may be in for a long arduous journey. Remember there are 12 labors for some epic journeys, each done one at a time.

Always, write the final step first. This should be your vision, your goal, the place you want to be when it’s all done.  Then work backward from there. Write 24 steps, or 12, or consider 48, if necessary. Starting is the important part. Knowing where you are going is even more important.

P.S. Becoming an expert in digital marketing is also important. Read up on it. Build trust with an audience. Deliver on your promises.



Writing for Deeper Connections

Embrace the healing power of your pen. Write often. Write as a resource. Write to heal. Write to uplift.

Go into the  the overlooked places and offer words of healing and clarity to others. Writing for fun. Write to change. Write to make a difference for someone you love.

Don’t forget the joy of figuring out the deep connections of your words, and don’t get lost in faster, quicker, noisier, for the sake of mundane, cheap, and easy.

Your words exist for deep connections, deep understandings, and deep narratives about the ever changing story of our world. Be the writer, the recorder, the his and her story of the world.

Have an awesome day.


Keep Hustlin’

The hustler and the artist have a deep connection. Each day you shape new experiences and call attention away from mundane ads and consume-to solve-your-problem scenarios to arrive at your vision, your voice, your story to tell the world.

Chanting louder in cyberspace usually means more noise, more frequency, more boring, but what about more remarkable, more unique, more you.

Keep using the baseline, current events, main attractions, and the central affair of noise in the news cycle to pull your audience closer. Steal them away with your special voice, your unusal take, and passionate insight on the common narrative. Cherish the grind and each step that creates your awesome vision for the world. This is the fun part. This is the reward.

Keep hustlin’! And don’t let anyone stop you.

Little by Little

The best method to create your biggest dream is the small procedural approach. Hone in on the smaller steps to make the bigger ideas a reality.

When I was young, I attempted to eat a Big Mac in one bite. It didn’t happen. It was a disaster. Break the bigger picture into its smaller components and pursue the smallest steps as you approach the bigger win.

We all want the big gains, but the work, and the spirit to pursue the great goal are the true tests we face on our journey.

Keep writing through your journey. Keep your focus, and stay on track.

Finding the Way

Find a way to create honest, beautiful work each day.

Your goals and your journey to great things will come to fruition with time, attention, and balance as you put in the daily work to greater endeavors.

Your goals, financial, artistic, or world changing will reshape your world and bring peace to you then the world you have built.

Continue to forge ahead with your best work. Bring life to your focus and your dreams.

Searching each day for the resources that are already present inside is madness. Gather yourself, set your vision, and start the journey.

Build Space for Great Work

The daily obligations of work and errands are often the greatest roadblocks to building your artistic space.

Artistic space is a free-zone, the place to create, the place to destress, the place to detox the mind with the power of creativity.

The best part of embracing creativity. Writing, painting, sculpting, gardening, or whatever you choose, is you begin to feel better. You learn to release stress through healthy outlets. You create through storms. You build accomplishments, and you have the ability to share your triumph and joy with others through stories that are inspirational and lasting examples of the good in this world.

Clearing away roadblocks to our creative space is difficult when the struggle is amplified by our routines which lack time and space to step away from obligations.

Build space for your creativity. Learn to say, “No.” Learn to close the door. Put on noise cancelling headphones.

The best spaces for your beauty and your art are built like temples, carefully, through deliberate and passionate time.

The New Approach

Try a new approach to old things. Sometimes we spin our wheels in a redundant microcosm of  anti-hope, wishing something will change or the equation will magically shift to a new variable.

This experience changes when we realize we are the variable, the X in the equation, the constant, that isn’t so constant.

Change some things. Your routine. Your circle. Your habit of hiding from things that really scary you like, finishing the pages of that book, or that short, or that design.

You will thank yourself later.

Motivation is Essential

Keep your pen moving. Taking the time each day to focus, reflect, and cleanse with a long writing session is essential for your best creative work.

Writing cleanses the emotional palette and lets new feelings, thoughts, and ideas shape your creative space and reality.

Make your good work a habit, and tell a friend about the stories and ideas you want to share.

Your pen is a paint brush. Your life is a journey. Keep going and keep creating beautiful work.

The Answers

The shiny new stuff  we usually crave is available on any mundane retail or digital shelf, but the love, hope, and inspiration inside you is the rare and valuable resource. We can’t touch it, buy it, or synthesize it’s true impact on the worlds we shape with our actions and commitments.

Write some hope on a rainy day and find a special place to make the day better for someone you love.

The answer is all in the journey. The accomplishment is realizing it’s not about you everyday. It’s the balance we seek that will spread endearing light in this world.

Have fun and get into a few shenanigans.

Devotion, love, and hope, are always present even in the darkest circumstances.

The Tech Mess

The latest technology is bright, shiny, new and has the magic button to help others understand and love your art.

The new tech will tell your story better than you, and offer new shortcuts, so you can focus your time on doing absolutely nothing, because that is what we ultimately desire.

When the new tech is making you more efficient at finding options in drop-down menus and disconnecting you from people, as it deepens your intimacy with your machine, be careful.

The magic formula is loving your art, your calm, and your experience then sharing the wisdom because your voice is essential.

Focus and breathe. You’ve got work to do today.