New Goals for Your Writing

Break new ground in your writing  by embracing new opportunities and experiences in the comings and goings of everyday life.  You can also consider the mundane as your ground for inspiration.

To find new ground in your work, examine your journey, your story, your present, your past, but most importantly, consider the end goals of what you’re working on.

Start with your steps to your end goal. If you are creating a book instead of developing chapters that will become a book. You may be in for a long arduous journey. Remember there are 12 labors for some epic journeys, each done one at a time.

Always, write the final step first. This should be your vision, your goal, the place you want to be when it’s all done.  Then work backward from there. Write 24 steps, or 12, or consider 48, if necessary. Starting is the important part. Knowing where you are going is even more important.

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