4 Steps to Write Through Any Conflict

You will have to fight for something in your life. If it is your peace, then it is worth the war paint and the battle armor.

If you fight for chaos, that serves to perpetuate more chaos, then slow down, super-villain. Let’s reevaluate the purpose and value of your goals and ideas.

When searching the inner-workings of your psyche (the human soul, mind, or spirit), I have found writing often reveals the true nature of who we are. Our minds speak through our pens, and the locks of our inner-most intricacies open and reveal our true thought processes and desired outcomes.

When living through this process of creation, penning life after life through character and insight,  we explore the deeper depths of our true selves and encounter the miss-steps we embrace as noble paths, and the cowardly decisions we may hide behind to avoid the conflict of change.

When we look for ways to thrive in conflict and utilize it as a means to promote positive self development we’re onto the footings of growth, new experiences, and dangerously-awesome new ground in the creation of better art for our world.

Some of us my may thirst for conflict for the sake of conflict. This is a dark place that no one should embrace.

Find peace beneath the conflict and seek resolution as an end to chaos.

Remember your tactics are:

  1. Clearly identify the problem
  2. Establish your pathway to peace. This means make a plan and stick to it.
  3.  Evaluate your steps after taking them to find miscues and benchmarks for growth.
  4.  Keep going. Growth is never-ending and abundant.

Be prepared for war, some people, the toxic ones, will not like a new circumstance that they do not control.

You’re in charge. Take the reigns and keep pushing to greater things.

P.S. Write you characters and yourself the same way. You’re a person on a journey looking to resolve epic, life-changing struggles every single day.

Have an a amazing day!