Considering your Inspiration

Find a routine that works for your stories, your writing, your life.

After a long day of the 9 to 5 grind, many of us turn to our pens or keyboards to write our way out of our routine and escape from the the hustle and bustle of our daily work cycle.

You should mine this territory for inspiration as you continue to polish your prose for the great dream you have always pursued.

Continue reading and getting better as an author. Search yourself and you history  for your best stories.

Self reflection  is one of the richest sources for good stories.  Transform your ride to work into a car chase with spies —don’t really race down the streets— or imagine a phone call that changes your life forever.  Disguise your daily journey as a heroic tale or deeply inspirational drama. I’m also sure, there is comedy at your office. And most of all, I know  there is an inspirational or insightful note you can share with everyone.

Have fun and keep your pen moving.