Find Beauty in your Writing

When writing out of the abundance of the universe, we find there is one mind we are all connected to. As your read and write, more and more, you’ll discover similar ideas permeate other writers’ work.

It’s good to find connections in your creative outlets; it is good to find that great minds find similar themes and tropes in our world to illustrate with words.

Our patterns diverge when we discover the power of our own history/herstory and how our collective experience shapes our outlook and growth as scribes of history and culture.

Your growth as the written illustrator rests in the connections you find in your story and the story of others. It makes your writing universal.

Seek new territory by linking the world to you. Be careful as you add to your world. You want to be sure you, not only respect, but also uplift the culture you observe. Seek more than food, fabric, and faith.

Find the truth, the nuisances, and subtleties in all human interactions. This is the life bread of story and beauty of life.