Find Consistency With Your Writing

Consistency is one of the most undervalued goals for most writers beginning their journey.

Too often we get lost in the big goal or big reveal, and we lose focus on the small steps that lead to the biggest outcomes along our journey.

I explain, all too often, that writing is the least glamorous, but most mythological art form to embrace. If you don’t believe me, tell a friend who has no idea that you write, that you write.

Their eyes, outlook, and demeanor will change, and they will begin probing into your process, your outlook, and your vision.

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. You have the compass and you’re the cartographer.

Not many of us are bold enough to seek uncharted territory or to imagine a world without boundaries because building new worlds is the task of the writer.

Don’t forget the little steps along the way to your great work are established with consistency and focus on your vision. The journey is much simpler than we make it, and the day to day is more difficult than we envision, because time and patience dwindle along the road to greatness.

Fill up your tank of consistency by setting realistic goals for your word/page count; remember you write chapters not books.  Make a schedule and stick to your writing time.  Take breaks along your writing journey.  Seek inspiration and value in all of your human interactions. Remember stories do not exist for you to steal. They exist to inspire and create a better world.

Happy Writing!