Collaborating with Colleagues

Stay connected on your journey to great things. Too often we work in silos and operate in vacuums that lead us nowhere.

I’m sure you’ve got a few friends or colleagues who do the same work as you. Have you ever considered collaborating for growth?

Fear is usually the factor that holds back a good collab. You may question the interaction when the little, scared you inside your head goes, “What if they get more from this than me? What if it doesn’t work out? What if… What if…”

Truth be told, a good collaboration benefits all those with an investment, resources, skills,  knowledge, and experience to add to the collaboration. Avoid imbalances with colleagues who lack at least three of these marquee traits.

The rest is the bravery to start the connection, find a common ground, and ship some high quality work.

The goal is elaborate, unconventional, amazing work that shakes up the world.

Write for life. Make something happen. Make something amazing.