Building your Future

Placing challenges, obstacles, and stumbling blocks in the path of your ultimate vision makes taking your leap to greatness nearly impossible.

You’ve had years to consider your dream, but maybe you haven’t acted upon your goal, because you’re waiting for the right moment to start writing your book, taking your photos, or publishing weekly on your blog.

There isn’t a magic bullet or secret mental technique that will make you get up and start working on your goal. Truthfully, the secret is all about getting-up and doing the work consistently. That’s the true key to unlocking the magic we seek in daily our lives.

For most people, our desire to live our greatest vision is much more than a whim, there is a deep need we have pulsing within that calls us to make our boldest moves and embrace our calling without regret and without apologies.

Changing your grip, your approach, and your attitude, maybe the key to fine tuning your plan to solve your problem.

Consider the doors you enter and exit daily. We seek the unlocked and easily accessible entry locations. We approach the doors we have keys to and avoid the entryways we perceive as locked or impenetrable.

Consider the entry points you seek to open. Consider the outcomes and goals for your vision. Have you written a plan that leads to your vision? Have you written down a list of your goals? Have you made an actionable plan with steps? Have you implemented the plan?

Before you get started, consider building you own door. There is always a pathway to your greatest vision. Build it. And do not look back.

Photo by: Filip Kominik


I’m still working on my web series. And I’ve got some photos to share soon. This post was spurred by a conversation I had with a colleague with a thousand talents and no plan to put them to good use for herself.

Plan then take action. This is a bold step toward consistency, which is part of the catalyst, that brings your vision into the communal reality.

Create with Courage

There is no storm you can’t handle. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. There is no writer’s block that can stop you.

The obstacles that hinder us are often self-imposed as we play the game of internet-attention, tethering our efforts to the relentless quest to become the noisiest and loudest spokesperson we can be.

The alternative, offering peace, offering space, offering a different side to the mundane should be our goal.

Consider your web content. Is there a way to tell your story in a new way? Is there a way to upgrade your narrative? Is there a way to seek peace with your art and solace with your creativity?

I’m sure there is a proverb deep inside you that keeps you going each day. Devote some time to your greatest aspiration and commit to your grandest dream. Starting today exponentially lowers the potential for regret over the long term.

Photo by: @oddityandgrace


P.S. Still working on my webseries. We finish rehearsal and start filming next week. Stay tuned.

Remain Focused

Our social landscape is an ever-turning hamster wheel of frenzy and noise. Attention has a price, and lately monetization is the deep focus of many creator’s dreams.

Find the place where vision transcends profit, and the problem-worth-solving outweighs the attention seeking behaviors of a social media content cycle.

All of my friends, even the ones who have “made it,” still ask the question, what else is there, after they’ve ascended and their thirst for profit becomes a thirst for something.

Be honest and clear with your vision and hone in on the remarkable problems worth solving. Fame, notoriety, and profit may not be the side-effects of success that you seek. You are searching for something far greater.

Photo by @clarktibbs

First Saturday October

My latest release, Life Cycle of an Uber Driver Part 3 is free and available to read. This month, our driver may or may not be starting a new romance.

If you’re preparing for NanoWrimo in November. October is a good time to begin preparing your story for the Writing Sprints next month.

Preparation is the key to your greatest vision. It doesn’t matter if it takes an hour, a month, or a year, the challenge is easier when you take some time to mentally prepare and plan the journey ahead.

Remember, the story lives in you. Keep striving for your very best each day.