First Saturday January 2021

I’m sure fitness, new business models, and new beginnings are all trending. I’m sure we’ll work to be our best for the next three weeks. I’m sure we’ll hit that dreaded third Monday of January, which has been dubbed the worst day of the year.

Despite the peril of new year commitments, we’ll take on our visions. We’ll add new routines and focus on our goals, no matter what. 

And as the year persists, the sun will rise and fall, and most likely, rise again and fall again. My hope is every sunrise and sunset falls on your bravest actions.

Author, Bronnie Ware considers regret in her Book. During her work as a nurse, Ware saw countless people in the last few days of their lives, and their number one regret was,  “I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

Instead of more, we may consider less. Less of the unimportant and more of the big, brave, bold endeavors that will mean the most to us and our loved ones as we strive for our best each day.  

Photo by: Josh Forson


Happy First Saturday of 2021!

As always, my latest read is live and ready for your eyes. Jay, your driver, is working through the city when he happens upon a group of concert goers with a few issues to unpack while on their ride home. We’ll see if he can keep it together with this new group of passengers.

I hope you’re working your on your next venture and I hope you’re learning tons on your journey. I’ll be posting more of my short fiction this year and more of my get you going posts for 2021. Keep striving for your best. A journey that helps others is priceless.

The New Year has been a true gift. The idea of a clean slate and another 365 days of art and life has me super-psyched. My web series is still in progress. I’m slowly, but surely, becoming a pro with editing software.

I’ve also reconsidered my writing process by doing two things. First, I’ve made my writing space more Friday friendly (better organized), and number second, I’ve adjusted my work flow for the best content not the fastest speed. I hope your pen is moving and I hope you find amazing words and an inspirational to story to share with the world. Peace and Blessings on your journey!