“Connections” vs. Connections

This week, I was perusing through the internets and I happened upon this article. It turns out the top three reasons people visit social media sites are news, comedy, and filling spare time. 

I envisioned a warm glow from a blue screen and a person mesmerized by social media posts. I saw digital marketing strategists concocting grids and drafting their content calendars, segmenting things into thirds, and maximizing reach to improve their metrics for the quarter. 

My other side, the part that likes a more personable world, imagines ways to foster real interactions and authentic growth, not from casting a wide net, but by making smarter decisions about who we serve.

We can serve everyone or focus on the 1000 people we truly value, and we’re motivated to serve. 

Photo by Adeolu Eletu 

P.S. Editing a Webseries is still no joke. It’s like building a plane and flying it at the same time. Stamina is one of my talents, and I’ve become a lot more efficient at editing thanks to Youtube University and that never-give-up thing I learned from television. Be direct! Stay focused! Go get your dream!

The Artist’s Playbook

The artist’s greatest goal is thriving from creativity. We have stories to share. Photos to capture. Scenes to paint. Businesses to build.

For true creatives, there is a compulsion to craft new art. It’s a need that must be satisfied, and we won’t be happy until we build our greatest vision.   

Of course, there are obstacles. We must overcome them. Joy isn’t the same without the struggles.

The artist’s playbook is a simple set of guidelines that any artist can use to make sense of the incoherent world of creative life. 

Write things down. Brainstorming and note taking are your friend. A schedule with time for creativity is the key to understanding your power. Shun unnecessary time wasters and work to understand your process to manifest your genius.

That’s it, just four things. The simplest plans help you thrive the most. Consistency, the right way, builds your vision.

Get out there. The rest lies in your ability to stay on the path and keep going. Peace and create something beautiful.

Photo by Debby Hudson

P.S. Sometimes, more is less. Keep working on those projects that take refinement and concentration. The journey is worth it.

Embrace the Process

Strengthen your true self by embracing the process of success.

Many times we work ourselves into a frenzy, adding more than we can handle to our lives believing that overwhelming ourselves with work is the key to becoming great.

At some point, more is less. Find what you do well and balance it with your passion. Avoid the point of diminishing return by saying no to the misconception that accepting responsibility after responsibility will increase your level of awesomeness.

Focus on your target. Shun distraction. Build your dream. Have a successful Thursday!


There are a million distractions to keep you from your greatest goals. There is a ringing phone. There is doubt. There is the belief that you may not be good enough to achieve your dream. 

We can derail ourselves with self-doubt,  lose sight of our biggest goals, and talk ourselves into a storm of our own creation. Or, we can look into the storm’s eye, consider the source that brews the trouble, and work to understand the inputs that lend power to our obstacles.    

Building inner-strength, despite recurring clouds of doubt, is the routine of the courageous and the cornerstone of the warrior. The warrior commits to their best, despite obstacles, and despite circumstance.

Be brave and benevolent as you step into your grace. Learn from your missteps and celebrate your victories. Sometimes, we all need a reminder to keep going. And most importantly, be kind on your journey. You will travel the same roads and see the same faces again and again.

P.S. Recently, I’ve been in my lab working on my web series, and I’ve been churning out the pages on my latest book. Each day, I get a little bit closer to my completion dates. Deadlines are devils, but they help.  With grace, dedication, and a whole lot of determination, I’ll get these latest works done. Have a safe and amazing day. The day is yours.

Grace and Bravery

This week, I wrote a page of songs. I’ll never sing them. I’ll never share them. I’ll lock them away in my notebook with grace. 

Sometimes, we rename our fears. We call fear grace. We call fear procrastination. We call fear an abundance of things, but its greatest side effect is wasting our time. 

Write your page of songs and be brave enough to give them voice and amplify them with strategy. 

The alternative, locking your best work in a tower, sounds like the plot of a fairy tale movie. Be your own hero and break free of fear. 

P.S. The next installment of of Life Cycle of an UB3R driver is live. And I’m still editing my webseries. Can’t wait to share the artist statement and present the work. Grace and Bravery, Always.