There are a million distractions to keep you from your greatest goals. There is a ringing phone. There is doubt. There is the belief that you may not be good enough to achieve your dream. 

We can derail ourselves with self-doubt,  lose sight of our biggest goals, and talk ourselves into a storm of our own creation. Or, we can look into the storm’s eye, consider the source that brews the trouble, and work to understand the inputs that lend power to our obstacles.    

Building inner-strength, despite recurring clouds of doubt, is the routine of the courageous and the cornerstone of the warrior. The warrior commits to their best, despite obstacles, and despite circumstance.

Be brave and benevolent as you step into your grace. Learn from your missteps and celebrate your victories. Sometimes, we all need a reminder to keep going. And most importantly, be kind on your journey. You will travel the same roads and see the same faces again and again.

P.S. Recently, I’ve been in my lab working on my web series, and I’ve been churning out the pages on my latest book. Each day, I get a little bit closer to my completion dates. Deadlines are devils, but they help.  With grace, dedication, and a whole lot of determination, I’ll get these latest works done. Have a safe and amazing day. The day is yours.