The Artist’s Playbook

The artist’s greatest goal is thriving from creativity. We have stories to share. Photos to capture. Scenes to paint. Businesses to build.

For true creatives, there is a compulsion to craft new art. It’s a need that must be satisfied, and we won’t be happy until we build our greatest vision.   

Of course, there are obstacles. We must overcome them. Joy isn’t the same without the struggles.

The artist’s playbook is a simple set of guidelines that any artist can use to make sense of the incoherent world of creative life. 

Write things down. Brainstorming and note taking are your friend. A schedule with time for creativity is the key to understanding your power. Shun unnecessary time wasters and work to understand your process to manifest your genius.

That’s it, just four things. The simplest plans help you thrive the most. Consistency, the right way, builds your vision.

Get out there. The rest lies in your ability to stay on the path and keep going. Peace and create something beautiful.

Photo by Debby Hudson

P.S. Sometimes, more is less. Keep working on those projects that take refinement and concentration. The journey is worth it.