“Connections” vs. Connections

This week, I was perusing through the internets and I happened upon this article. It turns out the top three reasons people visit social media sites are news, comedy, and filling spare time. 

I envisioned a warm glow from a blue screen and a person mesmerized by social media posts. I saw digital marketing strategists concocting grids and drafting their content calendars, segmenting things into thirds, and maximizing reach to improve their metrics for the quarter. 

My other side, the part that likes a more personable world, imagines ways to foster real interactions and authentic growth, not from casting a wide net, but by making smarter decisions about who we serve.

We can serve everyone or focus on the 1000 people we truly value, and we’re motivated to serve. 

Photo by Adeolu Eletu 

P.S. Editing a Webseries is still no joke. It’s like building a plane and flying it at the same time. Stamina is one of my talents, and I’ve become a lot more efficient at editing thanks to Youtube University and that never-give-up thing I learned from television. Be direct! Stay focused! Go get your dream!