It’s Time to Win

A lot of our day to day routine is a relentless cycle brewed by powers we feel we have no control over.

We strengthen this destructive mindset by continuing on the path of the mundane. Forgetting our art and our passion to feel secure in our world and afraid to take a risk to make a difference.

Our urge to seek comfort is a stark difference from the desires of our ancestors who battled and risked their lives to survive winters and gather food for their tribes.

I don’t want to get all preachy, but it’s time to risk something and win. Don’t quit your job, but go after something that will change your life forever.


This week has been all about organizing my book making process and refining my editing process.

I’ve broken things down to Writing, Editing, and Marketing/Publishing. Each portion is 100% essential to preparing your book for your audience. If you don’t give it your all something will fall flat and you’ll be wondering what happened.

P.S. Have an amazing day. There is love to share and a world that needs the best of us. Most importantly, we need the best from ourselves.

Imagine the Possibilities

When creating space for your muse, imagine multiple possibilities of your art. Seek inspiration in stars, in conversations, and in stories. Most of all, publish your work everywhere there is a heart to listen. 

This week, I found flowers that bloomed in January and lights from the holidays that have yet to be stored.

Usually, we pack our moments away until the seasonal adjustment of consumption shifts our attention. Then we make our way around the holiday calendar, and the retailers get happier as we spend, spend, spend. I know we are stronger than our need to buy things. There are things we can make better when we find beauty in our memories and the possibilities for much more.

In other news, I wanted to say I’ve edited at least ten thousand words this week, but I won’t lie. My goal for the year is to stop breaking promises I make to myself. So, I’m spending the weekend on an editing binge. Book 2 of the Dorean Black Series is on the way. The edits are brutal, as they should be when you start your opening edits.

I’ve also been working on my Your Photo Your Story Project,  which is a docu-series about everyday people with stories to share. You can view the preliminary projects here.

I’ve got a few more on the way, but my main focus this year will be getting more writing done. Let me know if you like them (the mini-docs) on Twitter. #yourphotoyourstory Comments here, always seem to lead to Spambots.

I hope your muse is stirring. Gray, muggy weather usually helps me get my words out.

Have an amazing day!

Inspiration Everywhere

When I pulled over and jumped out of my car to capture this image, I knew I had to share it with you.

There are times when inspiration arrives in wind gusts and we drop everything to capture it. That’s why I appreciate cell phone cameras. They’re the perfect tool to broadcast a memory or share a side-note with a friend.

I don’t want to get too sentimental. The natural world loves us enough in its ways.

I hope you have a wonderful day. Stay purposed and keep writing. I’m sure you’re up to great things.

Building Dreams

The best way to cure a long bout with a creative slump is usually a brain dump.

The intellectual offload eases the neural stress load and offers a reprieve to the modern busy world.

Afterward, I’ve always found it’s more fun to categorize and sort the findings for mental clarity. I usually have more fun with the sorting.

In other news, I’ve finished the draft of the second installment of the Dorean Black Series. I’ll be announcing the name in the coming weeks.

This week’s photo is from my efforts to remain invisible in the visible world. I’m always amazed by what you find when you search mundane places for inspiration.

I hope you have an amazing day. Stay purposed and keep writing.