Writing Routines

For the next 30 days, I am hosting the Friday Writes blog challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge for bloggers and writers looking to jumpstart their blog and get connected with other writers. Tomorrow’s topic: What are three tips you have for staying organized.

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Have fun and Stay Connected!


I’m going to cut to the chase on this one. The biggest challenge to completing your work is you. In my case, that’s me. I had to come to terms with this reality to get more work done and reach my writer goals. I used all kinds of software. I tried mind tricks and yoga, but nothing changed until I examined the things that were holding me back and used them as inspiration to solve my problem.

My typical writing day starts with reading over my work from yesterday and editing it. I have a worksheet for the edits, and I categorize the scenes as things I need to cut, things I need to strengthen, and things I need to replace. After I fill my categories and perform my minor edits, I set a timer, look over my scene outlines, and start my work.

This is when the fun begins because I get to relax and let the story flow out of the furthest reaches of my mind. Sometimes I get emotional because I have to write weighty scenes with harsh experiences for my characters. I often feel like I am living through some of the incidents, but in the end, I know it’s only part of my imagination.

After my time hits zero, I relax and turn off my PC. I get as far away from the story as I can and wait for tomorrow to get back into it. Distancing myself from my work allows me to evaluate it without the proximity blindness that occurs from being too close and familiar with it. 

I rinse and repeat this method until the end, and I focus on watching the world for inspiration which leads to deeper meanings and discoveries about the human condition and our connections to the world.