Day 3 of the Friday Writes Blog Challenge

For the next 30 days, I am hosting the Friday Writes blog challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge for bloggers and writers looking to jumpstart their blog and get connected with other writers. Topics for the entire challenge are part of the screenshot below. Share your post on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaywritesblogchallenge.


Today’s post is all about staying organized. I have a few quick philosophies that I use.  I don’t employ an elaborate method. If you have more than 3 to 5 rules, you probably have chaos.

Side note, I remember when I wasn’t very organized and, I didn’t have a process to sort out my daily tasks or organize items into categories. I relied on my memory and placed things in familiar locations which led to a slow journey to chaos.  During my time as an educator,  I learned the value of truly being organized and I have not looked back since. My go-to philosophies are below.

Number One: Everything has its place. 

Create a place for everything that a space. This is where you sort things and group things that have similar utility. I have a place for financial records; I have a place for writing notebooks. I have a place for fun and leisure time items. Everything in your life needs a place, so things aren’t strewn about or left in unfamiliar places.

Number Two: Use tools to help you stay organized.

Every organized person uses tools to organize their space.  I use notebooks and digital binders to keep up with my writing and filmmaking. I use storage bins to sort out my film equipment and other tools for my household. If your first philosophy is everything that needs a place, then you need to have specific and appropriate tools to effectively store your items.

Number Three: Don’t be afraid to let things go. 

One of the biggest tips on staying organized is not getting lost in the milieu of hoarding.  Getting rid of old stuff and living a more minimalist existence may be what you need to remain organized.

Number Four:  Don’t reinvent the wheel. 

I’ll keep this one short because I was only supposed to list three tips. Look online for great ways to organize your lifestyle, office, email inbox, and writing journey. You don’t have to start from scratch. There are tons of people who specialize in helping with organization, and many of their strategies are free and available to you online. Do some research and let go of the chaos of disorganization.

P.S. The 200 words or less limit is crushing. Write freely, but keep it short. Stay Connected!