Friday Writes Blog Challenge Day 5

What’s your favorite kind of character to write about?

My favorite kinds of characters are villains. Don’t get me wrong, I like writing the heroic journey, but in my opinion, villains are much more intricate. 

When you comb dark philosophies and search for ways to persuade your audience to side with your villain, sympathetically and logically, you arrive in an unusual and unfamiliar place with your audience. 

Crafting a villain’s journey is unconventional. We always see things from the hero’s perspective and I figure why not turn things around. 

Finally, our world is perfectly imperfect, and delving into the imperfect decisions of a villain adds more substance to your work. 

I’ve always thought the best stories have the best villains. Villains create challenges for themselves and their heroes. And ultimately, good heroes are only as good as the challenges they overcome.


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