Making a Writing Space

It’s day 6 of the Friday Write’s Blog Challenge and the topic is: Share a Picture of Your Writing Space.

I live in two worlds, the world of written media and the world of visual media. Everything starts with the written word, and over time, I develop my written work into visual forms. My post is below. Have fun blogging today.

Share a photo of your Writing Space with me on Twitter. It’s great to see how everyone gets their work done.

Writing Space

My writing space is many things. It is the place of accomplishment. It is the vehicle of access. It is the space for dreams.

Your workspace should be a place you look forward to going to every day. If you don’t, your work area probably needs a revision. Dress comfortably, eliminate distractions, create a warm-up routine, and make the chaotic world disappear. Turning the world off and tuning into your creativity fosters space for high-value moments of personal growth.

Make space for your best work, dig-in and build the world that you’ve envisioned.


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