Working on the Best Ideas

Day 9 of the Friday Writes Blog Challenge

Talk about the book idea you wish you had thought of first

The book idea I wish I thought of first was actually a scene in a cartoon. And it wasn’t the entire series that had the idea, it was a specific ending that contained the “plagiarism.”

I was young at the time and thought I was writing the most original story in the world.

My all-new character had been overlooked and weak for the entire series then he trained, overcame his weaknesses, and ascended to true power. He defeated the boss and saved the day in the end.

I was mad that the writers of my favorite cartoon had stolen my ending and ruined my writing career. I was eight at the time, and I look back now and wonder why did they take the hero’s journey from my original work.

When I got older, I realized the hero’s journey is everyone’s story. You learn and get better. It’s the way of life.

They Stole My Idea

When you create a new idea it takes hours of scrutiny and hard work to polish it up, scrutinize it and prepare it for the public.

You put your heart and soul into your new creation, and the second you are ready to ship it, you find that your golden idea has already been created by someone else.

You start to wonder if your cloud-based hard drive is hacked or if you didn’t develop your idea fast enough.

This is the case with most book ideas and business ideas. You find out your golden idea has been created and shipped by someone else.

When I come up with a new idea for a story, I usually comb the internet to see if the idea has already been created. And in my field of creative writing, in its many forms, most story ideas have already been written.

That’s why it’s important to know everything about what you do and have a deep understanding of the big topics in your industry at the time and in the past.

This gives you a 50,000-foot view of your field. Whether it’s entrepreneurial endeavors or creative efforts like writing, knowing the scopes and themes of your industry helps avoid collisions with old work. 

This is important for several reasons.

Number one, it allows you to look at where everyone is going and make a decision about where you want to be.

Number two, you can check new source material and find new ways to say old things.

Number three, you will dig deeper into your craft and find more inspiration.

I’m sure there is more to discover in the places we believe people have already mined for creative inspiration. You may find more by looking into the ideas that have already been created than the ideas that happening right now. Often you’ll find the source material for things that are happening right now.

So dig-in, don’t wait, create your story. But look-back this time, there’s something to learn about where you’re going from the people who attempted the journey in the past.   

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