Best Writing Advice Ever: Be Anti-Social

Day 10 of the Friday Writes Blog Challenge

Talk about an inspirational TedTalk

The hunger to find new creative work stirs many writers into a creative frenzy or creates mental barriers for a writer’s inspiration. Whether we find our elusive idea or not is completely up to us, but what if your social skills were the key to discovering new inspiration.

I’ve been working on some newsy parts of my new short. Please forgive the formal opening, but I digress.

An intriguing Ted talk on the subject, Three anti-social skills to improve your writing by Nadia Kalman bares a clever review of social habits that aren’t usually celebrated, but create inspiration for your creative endeavors.

The video describes a bus ride where the narrator uses eavesdropping, pretending imaginary people are real, and muttering as fuel to drive creative brainstorming. It takes about 3 minutes to watch and there are vampires if that’s your thing.

For the hungry writer, searching every moment of your day for tidbits and breadcrumbs that end a creative slump is a bold way to keep your writing fresh and your entrepreneurial mindset refreshed and poised to search new territory for creative work.

No matter your craft, the world is filled with events and remarkable moments that lead to all-new ideas. You’ll find them if you relax and allow yourself to experience the world. This requires you to do a couple of things: put down your phone, sit still, watch the world, connect old concepts to new concepts and create an all-new vision. 

Stay Connected.


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