Day 25 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: Write about a book that you didn’t know was ghostwritten by another author

Ghostwriting is one of the most powerful positions in media. Secret writers are employed for speeches, songs, and even books. 

I remember when I found out most popular songs are written by the same group of 5 to 10 writers then they sell the songs to record labels and artists. The artists either buy or “copy” the songs without permission and lots of money is exchanged one way or another.

The same is true about some of my favorite books. It takes patience and an overwhelming amount of time to carefully sculpt words that move or inspire an audience. Usually, when a single author produces volumes and volumes of work in a short amount of time, the work may be written by other authors or a group of authors. 

This is fine for the group and its label. The power for the aspiring author is knowing that it takes time to produce great work, and even the greatest of the greats may have had some help along the way.

The ghostwriting discovery that most shocked me was the Goosebumps series. I enjoyed reading the horror series when I was younger. It’s too bad more of the authors didn’t get more credit for their work. 

The disconcerting piece may be the issue of credit, but the number of ghostwritten books lets you know there is a demand for highly-skilled writers and a place for the art of writing in the economy. 

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