Book Blurbs

Day 27 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: Write a blurb about your upcoming book

My upcoming book is the second installment of Dorean Black, titled, A Mother’s Song. 

It’s a bit dark, but here goes.


As the last shell-casing fell to the cathedral floor, Mayven Deveraux tucked away his pistol and walked away from the lifeless bodies of Dorean Black and Moriah Norwood. 

As sirens blared in the distance and EMTs rushed to help the victims lying outside of the cathedral. Mayven walked into the darkness and disappeared. 

Meanwhile back in the cathedral, Dorean saw a distant light and heard his Mother’s Song. 

Forget your worries,
Love me always.

In the night,
Sometimes it’s dark,
Sometimes it’s cold.

No matter the time,
No matter the place,
I’ll love you always,
I’ll love you true.

Dorean snapped away from the light, drew a shallow breath, and felt for Moriah’s hand. This was the last thing he remembered before he felt a blood pressure cuff tightening around his arm.