Getting in the Zone

Day 28 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: Writing Routines

A lot of people second guess their routine for greatness. They think it’s luck or the alignment of the stars that triggers their genius but success is more closely linked to routine than we think.

If you ever watch a pro athlete warm-up before a game or match, you will see that they use the same routine to prepare. They tape their ankles a certain way, they tie their shoes a certain way,  they even warm-up for the game the same way.

You should employ the same approach when writing. When you sit down at a desk there are things that you should do to trigger your genius. This doesn’t mean checking your social profiles and starting internet searches.  

Try free-writing for a few minutes or looking at a photo and describing what you see to warm up your mind before you begin writing. A good warm-up can clear the clutter, so you get in the zone faster.