Your Positive Energy Builds A Better World

Keep your energy flowing in a positive direction. The light inside you will bring out the light in others. The light always outshines the darkness in our world.

Learn through Story and Dialogue

The lessons you teach others are just as valuable as the lessons you learn from others. Teach through dialogue, conversation, and story. Listen to everything, always, and find the beautiful, intelligent, timely, and remarkable in the voices of those around you.

Connect Humanity with Your Goals and Ideas

When your goals and ideas are deeply connected to the advancement of human connections and strengthening the impact of your work, art, or contribution to our world. Everything you do matters infinitely more.

The Challenge of Starting Something New

Working to develop something new frightens most people. Knowing there aren’t any guarantees or quick and greasy shortcuts to success asserts a deep and uneasy challenge for young people who seek to solve a problem that is worth their time, focus, and effort.

I am a proponent of going BIG and taking on the deepest and most meaningful challenges. To help confront our biggest fears and work through our greatest challenges, I am assembling an institute for young upstarts who are looking to change the world. 

Space for the event is limited to twenty participants. I think small groups generate the deepest impact.

Connections Over Consumption

As we consider our endeavors for the coming weekend, strengthen the human connections that matter most and spend lots of time in the spaces that bring us together.