Solving Problems

Be careful when you’re the one who puts out fires on a daily basis.

Sometimes, you’ll find the that the problems are never ending, and the source that’s generating the flames is the real problem that needs to be solved.


It’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric of goal setting. You can create the vision board, write out the draft, then get lost in the back and for of doing the work.

Usually the doing part, or the getting started part, is the most difficult task, but the place many people miss the mark rests in their attitude about their work and their accomplishments.

Too often, we see the target, and we are willing to take the shot. We take the shot, and we get past the start-up phase, and then we hit a wall. We get lost in the day to day, the too fast, the too much, the too many lateral movements,  then we lose focus in the madness.

Take aim gracefully at your own rate. Complete the small steps with singular focus and graceful intent. The other side, the madness and chaos, leaks and you may be left with a lot less than you originally intended.

Grab your pen and draft pages of nonsense today. Read it tomorrow. See if you find anything worth working on.




Keep Going

The writing life is sometimes characterized by writing into the void. You may feel no one is listening, and not much feedback is pouring in about your work.

If fast, and now-now, are your goals, stepping into the creative world of the literary arts may not be your cup of tea.

We are sustained and empowered by our journey to greatness. We are thrilled by rewrite after rewrite and we love the walk to greatness.

Keep the words going. Keep making mistakes. Keep reworking then reworking the plot, the scenario, the beliefs, and the struggle. You are empowered by the challenges you overcome day after day.

Checking the Inbox

Checking that inbox 32 times a day ain’t helpin’ that spirit awaken. Go into the world, feel the wind, and write some words about it. Share if the mood hits you. Your soul will thank you.

The Honest Truth

By helping others, I hope you discover more about yourself.

Moving Forward

Pressing forward is difficult at times. Everything may be connecting, the dates, the times, the plan may be synchronizing, but you have to take time to reflect and connect with the deepest aspects of your humanity. The aspect of rest, friendship, and rejuvenation. Every portion of your being needs a little attention. Downtime is just as important as uptime.


Fear will guide you to a place of nowhere and nothings. Confront this reality with the light inside you. Choose new roads and unpredictable destinations.

The Testament

Make today a testament to your greatness. Make something remarkable. Inspire someone to make a difference. Challenge yourself to be your best.

Create Space for your Dreams

The soul knows where it belongs. Create space for the art inside you. If there isn’t space, you’ll have to make it by pushing things around and building a stance against accommodation. There is brilliance emanating from you. Take some time to recognize and cultivate your talents. You are the essential building block of wonderful things. Have an amazing day and work to establish your dreams

Art and Focus

Spend some time with your art. Make something new. Refine what you’ve produced and love the process of creation.

Dwelling in the darkness of anti-creative and anti-imaginative space only produces more darkness. Look to the light inside you and inspire others with your beautiful work.