Book Blurbs

Day 27 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: Write a blurb about your upcoming book

My upcoming book is the second installment of Dorean Black, titled, A Mother’s Song. 

It’s a bit dark, but here goes.


As the last shell-casing fell to the cathedral floor, Mayven Deveraux tucked away his pistol and walked away from the lifeless bodies of Dorean Black and Moriah Norwood. 

As sirens blared in the distance and EMTs rushed to help the victims lying outside of the cathedral. Mayven walked into the darkness and disappeared. 

Meanwhile back in the cathedral, Dorean saw a distant light and heard his Mother’s Song. 

Forget your worries,
Love me always.

In the night,
Sometimes it’s dark,
Sometimes it’s cold.

No matter the time,
No matter the place,
I’ll love you always,
I’ll love you true.

Dorean snapped away from the light, drew a shallow breath, and felt for Moriah’s hand. This was the last thing he remembered before he felt a blood pressure cuff tightening around his arm.



Day 26 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: Today we’re posting cartoons about writing or reading.

In my next work, the hero returns to even the score.

Book 2

Coming Soon!

Reading Treasures

Day 23 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: List a few upcoming books you want to read.

The books that I’ll be reading in the next few weeks are anything but upcoming. I usually do things at my own pace and finding a good read is like a treasure hunt. 

That’s why I like recommendations from friends and anthologies with lots of options for good stories.

With that said, here’s my really short list. 

I’ll be reading The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo. It’s a short read with a good ending. I believe the story has been adapted into a screenplay and other visual projects.

Then I’ll be diving into the Story of Her Holding an Orange By Milos Bogetic. I met Bogetic, and I thought it’d be good to read something by a fellow author that I’ve actually met. 


Stay hungry as you pursue your best and don’t forget to meet good people on your way to happiness. It makes the journey worth the trouble and the treasure of friendship that much more incredible as you continue to accomplish great things. 

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Book Genres

Day 14 of the #FridayWritesBlogChallenge

Today’s Topic: What’s your favorite book genre?

Usually, when people ask me to talk about my favorite genre of book I talk about the books I don’t like.

As I’ve grown wiser, I’ve learned deflection is a defense mechanism that prevents people from really getting to know you. So, here goes. 

My favorite book genre is short science-fiction. I like finding the largest anthology of sci-fi current to the year and going through each story. 

It’s just like watching Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone, but the plots and epiphanies hit like anvils and the stories are pure watersheds of inspiration.

I enjoy a few other genres. Especially books that blend elements of sci-fi and fantasy or mystery and horror, all of which make for a good read.

I find the territory on the fringes of genres has the most significant landscape for growth when writing. It’s like exploring uncharted territory. 

Keep reading and keep writing. 

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