Self Love and Meditation

Guard your mindset with deeply focused mediation and controlled breathing practices. You will open gateways and doors to your inner calm that you never expected.


When relentlessly seeking your goals, remember to temper your quest with the beauty of rest to strengthen your creativity and inspiration.

Many of us have surpassed, driven. We’ve outgrown determination, and we are hitting our stride

Reach sustainability by setting aside time for something beautiful on your journey. Love your steps and keep moving forward.

Getting Readers for Your Beautiful Work

You can push your pen across the paper, carefully drafting 40,000 words, or punch every letter into your keyboard, basking in the glow of your computer screen.

You can dust your work off, tweak it, flip-it, get your best friend’s blessing, then rewrite, edit, rework, edit, package it,  shine it, make it glossy, then finally ship it or post it to your site of choice.

When you’re done and manage to breathe, you’ll start the next task. Yelling from the rooftops, read, read, read. Read my wonderful, all-new, awesome, very awesome, very-very awesome, work!

And to your dismay, you’ll need to learn a nice new headlock to get people to focus or pay attention to your masterpiece.

I learned, while teaching high school, that none of my students were impressed by the number of degrees I had, the work I had created, or the number of skills they’d master while learning with me.

They loved the jokes, the stories I told, and they were most impressed by the tools I gave them to discover themselves on their journey to greatness. That was the value. That made it all worth it.

Once you get rid of the smoke and mystery from yourself, and focus on sharing your generous gifts, which is the knowledge and wisdom you’ve cultivated from your truly honest, hard-earned, relentless work, everything begins to fall into place.

Learners will appear, questions will be plenty, interest will be generated, tools to further the journey for all will be shared and re-shared for everyone’s benefit.

Remember to set a page goal and stick to it. Meet three new people who can help you make magic in your daily life. Discover something new that helps you save time and complete more focused work. Have fun and tell a friend about your journey.

Keep working and have an amazing week.


The Answers

The shiny new stuff  we usually crave is available on any mundane retail or digital shelf, but the love, hope, and inspiration inside you is the rare and valuable resource. We can’t touch it, buy it, or synthesize it’s true impact on the worlds we shape with our actions and commitments.

Write some hope on a rainy day and find a special place to make the day better for someone you love.

The answer is all in the journey. The accomplishment is realizing it’s not about you everyday. It’s the balance we seek that will spread endearing light in this world.

Have fun and get into a few shenanigans.

Devotion, love, and hope, are always present even in the darkest circumstances.

Checking the Inbox

Checking that inbox 32 times a day ain’t helpin’ that spirit awaken. Go into the world, feel the wind, and write some words about it. Share if the mood hits you. Your soul will thank you.

New Places

There isn’t a written review of that great place all of your hardwork is building. You can’t internet search your journey to find out what it’s like and there’s no video, tutorial, or written reviews to make you comfortable with your plan. You’re writing a new road map. You’re going to new boundaries of your own creation. Keep building and keep up the awesome work.

The Honest Truth

By helping others, I hope you discover more about yourself.

The Simple Approach

A few people have asked me what was the most important thing that helped me finish my book. I told them, It wasn’t quitting a job or meditating daily. These things can help, but they don’t keep you in the lab or in your writing space any longer.

I tell everyone, writing is simple, but we make it hard. We enter the page with our to-do lists churning, episodes from our day circulating, and thoughts of how to finish-up and write faster as our goal.

Then we sigh, type in a web address, and forget why we even sat down to make magic and change the world.

Your personal process for writing, your routine or your ritual before you approach the canvas, can prevent this lack of focus, but what truly keeps you going is your love for sculpting new worlds, crafting new advice, and sharing new experiences one letter at a time.

Finishing is simple. It’s a commitment to yourself that simply boils down to your passion to stay in your good place, your understanding that no one is there but you, and your willingness to fulfill your mission no matter the noise, the distractions, or the circumstance.

My first book Dorean Black, is about discovering purpose in a world that is set-up to distract you from what’s really important. There is also love, life is usually about love. You can pre-order a copy today. There’s a link right here, Dorean Black.

Write some words, too. Share them if you want. Love yourself and keep creating a magnificent world.


Defining Hope

Let your greatest passion define your work. Find hope in the journey to your greatest accomplishments. Embrace your heart and choose the brave abundance of your art as your future