Self Love and Meditation

Guard your mindset with deeply focused mediation and controlled breathing practices. You will open gateways and doors to your inner calm that you never expected.


When relentlessly seeking your goals, remember to temper your quest with the beauty of rest to strengthen your creativity and inspiration.

Many of us have surpassed, driven. We’ve outgrown determination, and we are hitting our stride

Reach sustainability by setting aside time for something beautiful on your journey. Love your steps and keep moving forward.

Fear and Ambition

Fear is usually the greatest factor holding you back from your ultimate goal. Sometimes we go so far as to include our fears into our goal setting. Which means our ambitions only reach as far as what we fear.

This is no place for your bold penmanship. This is no dream for those writing new best-sellers, creating new models for the workplace, or artists forging new dreams with their honest, deepest work.

Motivate then actualize your journey by going for your biggest most outlandish concept. Envision more than you fear, and dream bigger and bolder than you ever have before.

Build Space for Great Work

The daily obligations of work and errands are often the greatest roadblocks to building your artistic space.

Artistic space is a free-zone, the place to create, the place to destress, the place to detox the mind with the power of creativity.

The best part of embracing creativity. Writing, painting, sculpting, gardening, or whatever you choose, is you begin to feel better. You learn to release stress through healthy outlets. You create through storms. You build accomplishments, and you have the ability to share your triumph and joy with others through stories that are inspirational and lasting examples of the good in this world.

Clearing away roadblocks to our creative space is difficult when the struggle is amplified by our routines which lack time and space to step away from obligations.

Build space for your creativity. Learn to say, “No.” Learn to close the door. Put on noise cancelling headphones.

The best spaces for your beauty and your art are built like temples, carefully, through deliberate and passionate time.

The Answers

The shiny new stuff  we usually crave is available on any mundane retail or digital shelf, but the love, hope, and inspiration inside you is the rare and valuable resource. We can’t touch it, buy it, or synthesize it’s true impact on the worlds we shape with our actions and commitments.

Write some hope on a rainy day and find a special place to make the day better for someone you love.

The answer is all in the journey. The accomplishment is realizing it’s not about you everyday. It’s the balance we seek that will spread endearing light in this world.

Have fun and get into a few shenanigans.

Devotion, love, and hope, are always present even in the darkest circumstances.

The Tech Mess

The latest technology is bright, shiny, new and has the magic button to help others understand and love your art.

The new tech will tell your story better than you, and offer new shortcuts, so you can focus your time on doing absolutely nothing, because that is what we ultimately desire.

When the new tech is making you more efficient at finding options in drop-down menus and disconnecting you from people, as it deepens your intimacy with your machine, be careful.

The magic formula is loving your art, your calm, and your experience then sharing the wisdom because your voice is essential.

Focus and breathe. You’ve got work to do today.


Everyone probably has a routine for their morning. Floss, brush your teeth, shave, shower, dress, and so on.

Our patterns are probably different, but the outcome, a clean, presentable, us for the world to see is the goal.

The usual should happen when you start penciling your words and introducing them to the page.

Was there a routine that brought you focus? Was clarity or insight triggered by stretching or focusing on a single scene or bit of dialogue.

Consider a routine to fortify your focus and bring all of those amazing ideas to light. Do it the same way every time, and shun the distractions. Your word count and your editor will love you.

Saturday and Write

Go to a public place and brain dump. Write about everything you see, hear, imagine, and believe.

Save the pages. We’ll share them next Saturday.

Checking the Inbox

Checking that inbox 32 times a day ain’t helpin’ that spirit awaken. Go into the world, feel the wind, and write some words about it. Share if the mood hits you. Your soul will thank you.

New Places

There isn’t a written review of that great place all of your hardwork is building. You can’t internet search your journey to find out what it’s like and there’s no video, tutorial, or written reviews to make you comfortable with your plan. You’re writing a new road map. You’re going to new boundaries of your own creation. Keep building and keep up the awesome work.