Building Dreams

The best way to cure a long bout with a creative slump is usually a brain dump.

The intellectual offload eases the neural stress load and offers a reprieve to the modern busy world.

Afterward, I’ve always found it’s more fun to categorize and sort the findings for mental clarity. I usually have more fun with the sorting.

In other news, I’ve finished the draft of the second installment of the Dorean Black Series. I’ll be announcing the name in the coming weeks.

This week’s photo is from my efforts to remain invisible in the visible world. I’m always amazed by what you find when you search mundane places for inspiration.

I hope you have an amazing day. Stay purposed and keep writing.


Get comfortable with the boundaries of your fear and grow the skills you are most afraid for others to discover.

There is triumph in each challenge you conquer on your pathway to success.

Keep refining your talents and your purposeful actions as you enjoy the steps to greatness. Difficult simply means conquer the challenge.

Remove Mental Blocks from Your Work

Along the road of  your Writing is Life Journey, you’ll conquer challenges and experience setbacks along the way.

You may face a challenge you don’t see a way to write yourself out of, or you may face an obstacle that changes your outlook of your work.

We may be quick to throw away the challenge or halt our journey because things are too difficult for us to handle, but the challenge is just what you need to strengthen your focus and dive deeper into your work.

Incorporate those deep feelings negative or positive into the emotions of your characters or your posts, rage, rage, rage, all you want. After it’s all released, start your new page with a clear mind and open conscious.

Often it’s something we’re holding back that’s keeping us from moving forward, and holding it in, is holding onto a roadblock.

Surviving Setbacks in your Writing Routine

When no one is looking and you hit the dip, the slow-place of artistic development, you’ll have to work your hardest and deepen your commitment to excellence to succeed.

If the path to your best was an easy road, everyone would take the leap without question, and without reservation.

When you are confronted with any work slow down or life storm that interferes with your desired outcomes, there are a few methods to embrace as you work to realign your mental focus as you strive for excellence.

Journal to discover the source of the off-balance feeling.

A long stretch and longer walk in a quiet area can recenter the mind.

Confronting a difficult situation, and seeking a solution to any life crisis is also a good choice to change the narrative cycle of emotional difficulty.

Finally, consider your daily routine, if it doesn’t allow time for creativity, you’ll need to alter it to fit your narrative.

Continue to strive for your best, everyday.

You’ve got this. Let’s get those pages done.

Keep Your Promises

When it comes to keeping promises you’ve made to yourself, we often find it easy to push these commitments aside, because we don’t consider the magnitude of what’s at stake for our health, well-being, and our art over the long term.

When it comes to  getting to work on time, buying a gift for a birthday, supporting a cause, the likelihood of your failure decreases dramatically.

We have to learn to honor commitments to ourselves with same zeal and focus that we strive to maintain when completing  tasks for others.

We all know it’s much simpler to keep a promise to others because your reputation is on the line, but when we’re alone, there is no one there, but you, to ridicule yourself about the breaking of your promise.

Don’t get comfortable in this state. Honor yourself and your strides for greatness with the same zeal that you approach commitments for others.

Please, don’t go on a campaign of selfishness as a result of keeping promises to yourself. You should:

  1. Choose the right foods.
  2. Keep your writing schedule.
  3. Prepare and stick to your plan until completion.

Once you keep and fulfill the promises you’ve created for yourself, you’ll start to see a lot of little steps adding up to big gains.


It’s easy to get lost in the rhetoric of goal setting. You can create the vision board, write out the draft, then get lost in the back and for of doing the work.

Usually the doing part, or the getting started part, is the most difficult task, but the place many people miss the mark rests in their attitude about their work and their accomplishments.

Too often, we see the target, and we are willing to take the shot. We take the shot, and we get past the start-up phase, and then we hit a wall. We get lost in the day to day, the too fast, the too much, the too many lateral movements,  then we lose focus in the madness.

Take aim gracefully at your own rate. Complete the small steps with singular focus and graceful intent. The other side, the madness and chaos, leaks and you may be left with a lot less than you originally intended.

Grab your pen and draft pages of nonsense today. Read it tomorrow. See if you find anything worth working on.





If you feel sluggish and tired while you’re working, you will probably create a similar tone or moood while creating your new draft or editing an old piece.

Managing your emotions is essential on the path to refining the complex nature of your focus and inspiration as you work.

Stress, and that need to get up an walk around, can divert your creative energy to side flow, which is a state of distraction that masks itself with the illusion of focus.

Your best work comes from imagining a single moment or settling into a place of solidarity with your work.

Keep searching the depths of yourself to create better and better art everyday. Remember, there is a routine for discovering the best art inside you. Write using your process, your routine, your focus, your strategy, your steps,  everyday.

The day is yours. Be bold and create something beautiful.


Sharing Stories

Rest your soul with a daily journey into your mind’s inner workings. Too often, we avoid our thoughts, and the truth of our inner-voice is suppressed by the weekly work grind and daily onslaught of nonstop distractions.

Avoiding the sound of your own voice, can stir deep inner-conflict that leads to years of repressed emotions and many blocks with the energy within you.

Use your notebook or your blog space to clear your mind. You don’t have to share your writing with anyone. You can share the remarkable things, the stories that changed, and are still changing your life.

Find Beauty in your Writing

When writing out of the abundance of the universe, we find there is one mind we are all connected to. As your read and write, more and more, you’ll discover similar ideas permeate other writers’ work.

It’s good to find connections in your creative outlets; it is good to find that great minds find similar themes and tropes in our world to illustrate with words.

Our patterns diverge when we discover the power of our own history/herstory and how our collective experience shapes our outlook and growth as scribes of history and culture.

Your growth as the written illustrator rests in the connections you find in your story and the story of others. It makes your writing universal.

Seek new territory by linking the world to you. Be careful as you add to your world. You want to be sure you, not only respect, but also uplift the culture you observe. Seek more than food, fabric, and faith.

Find the truth, the nuisances, and subtleties in all human interactions. This is the life bread of story and beauty of life.


A True Warrior

Spend your time and attention on crafting your story, your journey, your value from the work you create and the efforts you embrace to become a true warrior for your art and life in this world.

It’s easy to fall into the trappings of peer pressure and acquiesce for the sake of popularity or cheap, easy publicity.

Do something more with your pen. Conjure stories from places without voice. Make a difference. Tell a story that will change your life. And finally, DON’T STEAL and pass it of as your own work. This is meritless, baseless, and  cowardly.

Focus and become the quiet hero with a pen who’s words life on and on. Keep going. We need the best from you.