Imagine the Possibilities

When creating space for your muse, imagine multiple possibilities of your art. Seek inspiration in stars, in conversations, and in stories. Most of all, publish your work everywhere there is a heart to listen. 

This week, I found flowers that bloomed in January and lights from the holidays that have yet to be stored.

Usually, we pack our moments away until the seasonal adjustment of consumption shifts our attention. Then we make our way around the holiday calendar, and the retailers get happier as we spend, spend, spend. I know we are stronger than our need to buy things. There are things we can make better when we find beauty in our memories and the possibilities for much more.

In other news, I wanted to say I’ve edited at least ten thousand words this week, but I won’t lie. My goal for the year is to stop breaking promises I make to myself. So, I’m spending the weekend on an editing binge. Book 2 of the Dorean Black Series is on the way. The edits are brutal, as they should be when you start your opening edits.

I’ve also been working on my Your Photo Your Story Project,  which is a docu-series about everyday people with stories to share. You can view the preliminary projects here.

I’ve got a few more on the way, but my main focus this year will be getting more writing done. Let me know if you like them (the mini-docs) on Twitter. #yourphotoyourstory Comments here, always seem to lead to Spambots.

I hope your muse is stirring. Gray, muggy weather usually helps me get my words out.

Have an amazing day!


When you look at the world as more than bottom lines and growth strategies you arrive at the true opportunities.

True opportunities offer space to create with abundance and share meaning beyond economics.

Work beyond the most common strategies and find a way to connect with the people you serve on a deeper level. Moving beyond the numbers and the surface level interaction offers true opportunities for growth.

Writing is Life

Believing in yourself is the key to achieving your greatest accomplishments.

Writing has always been my deepest passion, and I don’t feel right if I’m not scribbling words onto a sheet of paper.

For me, it’s always been the thrill of crafting a new story or sharing a dream with others that has driven me to write.

I didn’t have to be perceived as the best at it or the best at grammar and punctuation to continue this calling. What mattered most was that the voice and visions deep inside me had life.

Giving voice to and applying action to your deepest passion is the greatest tool you have on the journey of self-development. Keep building and keep expanding your story on your path to journey to greatness.

P.S. My web series is finally live and I’ve got a new story on my portfolio site. Keep working on your vision. Keep building day by day.

Your Mornings

Your mornings belong to you.

Today may be the perfect day to set the tone for the rest of your week.

Clear the clutter and start your day with a meeting with yourself, two-hours of interrupted time for your art, or creating a list of pros and cons for your goals.

Don’t think about it. Get up and do it.

Your Time

Taking power over your schedule is one of the most significant steps toward achieving your goals.

Often, there is an ongoing battle between our obligations and and time for our art. And sometimes, the obligations win. They stress us out. They can force us into a creative funk.

Luckily, you run your calendar. Invert your day, schedule everything, even fun. I bet you’ll find a place for your creativity.

Your Choices

There is a light inside us all waiting for the greatest destiny, the deepest achievements, the most amazing challenges.

Get to work and don’t look back. The day is yours.


The best satisfaction is realizing you helped someone and changed a life for the better.

Bring truth to fact the world is abundant and filled with opportunity. Make space for growth and abundance by becoming a resource, a confidant, and a teacher to your peers and audience.

Be clever and bold with your assertions and be smart with your targets and goals.

Paint the picture you see inside by letting go of extraneous obligations as you stay on the path to your best.

The day is yours. Be bold and help others as you work to achieve your very best.

Working Smart

It will take tons of heart and diligence to conquer your next challenge.

The good thing is you’ve got more than enough heart and more than enough courage to make it through.

Stay focused and resilient as each step moves you closer to your goal.

You’ve got this. Keep working smart.

The Hustle

Finding yourself while the chaos is strongest is a defining moment that determines our greatest strength.

Keep hustling that hustle till the 9 to 5 melts away and you’re where you want to be. You have goals and the choice to follow them.

Photos and Journeys

I took some photos in a old yard this week.

It made me think of abandoned things and aging with grace.

I was never sure why we discard things or make things and leave them.

We tell ourselves stories to justify the separation then someone comes along and finds beauty in things we could never see ourselves.