Your Mornings

Your mornings belong to you.

Today may be the perfect day to set the tone for the rest of your week.

Clear the clutter and start your day with a meeting with yourself, two-hours of interrupted time for your art, or creating a list of pros and cons for your goals.

Don’t think about it. Get up and do it.

Photos and Journeys

I took some photos in a old yard this week.

It made me think of abandoned things and aging with grace.

I was never sure why we discard things or make things and leave them.

We tell ourselves stories to justify the separation then someone comes along and finds beauty in things we could never see ourselves.

Living at Night

Between the mini-stars and the blanket of the sky there is peace at night.

In the dark ocean of the night, I accomplish almost most of my work between the hours of 2AM and 7AM.

The world is quiet. The rain is peaceful. The universe gives in these hours.

I’m back to work on my screenplay, Therapy. We start rehearsals this week.

This will be fun and exciting. Updates coming soon.

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang