Your Choices

There is a light inside us all waiting for the greatest destiny, the deepest achievements, the most amazing challenges.

Get to work and don’t look back. The day is yours.

A Little Pick Me Up

Your posts and your best art originate from the light inside you. Sharing, selectively and tactfully, on your social media page or on your blog maybe the perfect hobby to clear your mind and showcase your talent for introspection.

Don’t resist the urge to connect with new people and find clarity by building new and stronger spaces for communication with your loved.

Your art is your world; create a beautiful experience and don’t let anything hold you back.

Merits and Accolades

We often seek merits and accolades more than the tried and true journey of good, honest work.

It’s cool to glance into our crystal ball of expectations and wish our hardest to arrive at the pinnacle of our imaginative musings.

Visualizing can be a good strategy for conceiving your best accomplishments, but at some point, you’ll need to break-ground and clear the debris to make way for your new beginning.

Don’t settle into the notion your imagination will do the work of your hands. Connect your aspirations to your physical world and bring your best art into the world.

P.S. I’m in the final stages of getting my webseries done. The marketing phase isn’t my strongest discipline, but with a little ingenuity, I’m getting things done. I hope you’ve had a good week. Be brave; the day is yours.

Create with Courage

There is no storm you can’t handle. There is no obstacle you can’t overcome. There is no writer’s block that can stop you.

The obstacles that hinder us are often self-imposed as we play the game of internet-attention, tethering our efforts to the relentless quest to become the noisiest and loudest spokesperson we can be.

The alternative, offering peace, offering space, offering a different side to the mundane should be our goal.

Consider your web content. Is there a way to tell your story in a new way? Is there a way to upgrade your narrative? Is there a way to seek peace with your art and solace with your creativity?

I’m sure there is a proverb deep inside you that keeps you going each day. Devote some time to your greatest aspiration and commit to your grandest dream. Starting today exponentially lowers the potential for regret over the long term.

Photo by: @oddityandgrace


P.S. Still working on my webseries. We finish rehearsal and start filming next week. Stay tuned.


golden hour photography of vehicle park near fence

The sun was setting, and I was getting my pages done, as I usually do. The evening stars were getting ready to climb into their places, and the stage was set for another story to pour in from the universe.

I noticed, while outlining and imagining the scene that I felt a little uneasy between the word sprints and sipping water for hydration and health. I was trying to write, but I began to notice a sporadic pattern to my breathing.

I’d take a breath then stop. Breathe some more then stop. Write a few more words then breathe again and stop. Everything was out of rhythm.

I didn’t believe this was a problem, but I noticed my words were irritable and my characters out of synch. The universe inside and outside of me seemed imbalanced.

I remembered what I’d learned about breathing from a blog post or some book from a guru of gurus. Relax your facial muscles then breathe down into the lungs then up and out along the spine.

I was calm, again, and the words flowed easy.

Photo by: Ben Shanks

Living at Night

Between the mini-stars and the blanket of the sky there is peace at night.

In the dark ocean of the night, I accomplish almost most of my work between the hours of 2AM and 7AM.

The world is quiet. The rain is peaceful. The universe gives in these hours.

I’m back to work on my screenplay, Therapy. We start rehearsals this week.

This will be fun and exciting. Updates coming soon.

Photo by Yeshi Kangrang