If you are you waiting around for an epic turn of events to motivate you to do your best, I ask. Why isn’t today that day?

Sometimes our greatest obstacle is the little voice in our heads telling us tomorrow is a better day to start than today, or we wait and wait on lightning to strike to start our journey.

The odds that lightning will strike are astronomical and that consistent little voice that says, “No, not today,” will never let-up unless you silence it.

Get started today with a phone call or reach out to someone who is taking the plunge to work on something you consider amazing.

Once you give yourself permission to start, and build trust with yourself by creating your best work everyday.

Your Wednesdays will be wonderful and you’ll welcome the humps as you conquer them again and again.



Happy Holidays! Sharing love and joy during the holidays is an achievement worth more than material gains.

Each goal and step toward your very best is better with friends, family, mentors, and coaches that add value to your mission and vision in life.

Share some joy with your friends and wish them an awesome holiday.

Quality time and rest are included on the journey. The value is in the memories you create and gratitude you share on your way to your very best.

Your Pathway

Too often we chase trends and popularity to hack our way to success when we need to engage in honest work that will stand the test of time.

Do what makes you remarkable rather than mundane.  Offer your best as and impress each of your clients with your honesty, integrity, and brilliance and solve problems and provide your best work.

You are the gatekeeper. Own your steps and stay on the path to success.

Inner Truth

Don’t allow the voice of negativity to drown the source of your inner truth.

Stick with your goals and bring your dreams to life.

Boundless Potential

The light inside you has boundless potential. Nurture your soul and everything that makes you awesome.

Solving Problems

Be careful when you’re the one who puts out fires on a daily basis.

Sometimes, you’ll find the that the problems are never ending, and the source that’s generating the flames is the real problem that needs to be solved.

Collaborating with Colleagues

Stay connected on your journey to great things. Too often we work in silos and operate in vacuums that lead us nowhere.

I’m sure you’ve got a few friends or colleagues who do the same work as you. Have you ever considered collaborating for growth?

Fear is usually the factor that holds back a good collab. You may question the interaction when the little, scared you inside your head goes, “What if they get more from this than me? What if it doesn’t work out? What if… What if…”

Truth be told, a good collaboration benefits all those with an investment, resources, skills,  knowledge, and experience to add to the collaboration. Avoid imbalances with colleagues who lack at least three of these marquee traits.

The rest is the bravery to start the connection, find a common ground, and ship some high quality work.

The goal is elaborate, unconventional, amazing work that shakes up the world.

Write for life. Make something happen. Make something amazing.


Finding New Light in Your Work

Sometimes writing in dark corners can influence your work in a negative way. Let some light into your work.

Too often, I see a writer’s desk or canvas space marred with distractions, clutter, and old wrappers from food mistakes.

Clean off that desk, open the blinds, write in the sunlight if you don’t have a window.

The goal is to open the possibilities of your work to new light, new circumstances, new experiences.

And above all else, be brave. Experiment with new ideas, new readings, new characters and thoughts.

There is no limit. You have all that you need.


Focus on your Greatest Achievement

There is an unmatched abundance of energy in your heart. You can use it to make great things. You can use it change the world. You can use it to change your world.

Learn to hear the world inside you before you set out to help everyone else.

Seek the deepest depths of your intellect, and strive to understand yourself first.

Your goals, your ideas, everything you’re working on will come together once you’ve mastered the world inside you.

Setting the Pace

Set the pace for your work. Calendars are your friend. A page a day, a chapter a week, a story per month, a novel every two years.

Wrestling with your imagination won’t bring the pages, the art, to life. The work, the consistency, the time you put in everyday will make the difference.