Your Mornings

Your mornings belong to you.

Today may be the perfect day to set the tone for the rest of your week.

Clear the clutter and start your day with a meeting with yourself, two-hours of interrupted time for your art, or creating a list of pros and cons for your goals.

Don’t think about it. Get up and do it.

Photos and Journeys

I took some photos in a old yard this week.

It made me think of abandoned things and aging with grace.

I was never sure why we discard things or make things and leave them.

We tell ourselves stories to justify the separation then someone comes along and finds beauty in things we could never see ourselves.

First Saturday October

My latest release, Life Cycle of an Uber Driver Part 3 is free and available to read. This month, our driver may or may not be starting a new romance.

If you’re preparing for NanoWrimo in November. October is a good time to begin preparing your story for the Writing Sprints next month.

Preparation is the key to your greatest vision. It doesn’t matter if it takes an hour, a month, or a year, the challenge is easier when you take some time to mentally prepare and plan the journey ahead.

Remember, the story lives in you. Keep striving for your very best each day.


golden hour photography of vehicle park near fence

The sun was setting, and I was getting my pages done, as I usually do. The evening stars were getting ready to climb into their places, and the stage was set for another story to pour in from the universe.

I noticed, while outlining and imagining the scene that I felt a little uneasy between the word sprints and sipping water for hydration and health. I was trying to write, but I began to notice a sporadic pattern to my breathing.

I’d take a breath then stop. Breathe some more then stop. Write a few more words then breathe again and stop. Everything was out of rhythm.

I didn’t believe this was a problem, but I noticed my words were irritable and my characters out of synch. The universe inside and outside of me seemed imbalanced.

I remembered what I’d learned about breathing from a blog post or some book from a guru of gurus. Relax your facial muscles then breathe down into the lungs then up and out along the spine.

I was calm, again, and the words flowed easy.

Photo by: Ben Shanks