Building Dreams

The best way to cure a long bout with a creative slump is usually a brain dump.

The intellectual offload eases the neural stress load and offers a reprieve to the modern busy world.

Afterward, I’ve always found it’s more fun to categorize and sort the findings for mental clarity. I usually have more fun with the sorting.

In other news, I’ve finished the draft of the second installment of the Dorean Black Series. I’ll be announcing the name in the coming weeks.

This week’s photo is from my efforts to remain invisible in the visible world. I’m always amazed by what you find when you search mundane places for inspiration.

I hope you have an amazing day. Stay purposed and keep writing.

Clearing the Fog

It was a foggy night. The rain had finally settled and the fog rolled in.

The radio blared on about lawsuits, failed drug trials, tax shields, and sports games that I didn’t have time to watch.

I glanced over at the clock on my dash and watched it tick-on. It made me think of the places beyond the fog.

I grabbed my book of recipes for this moment and mixed the worlds.

I thought of a place beyond, the land between, and the world that could be.

I wrote a description for each, heroes, villains, tax codes, and tick-tock men to guard the gates.

The world you make may be too much or just enough. Be a minimalist if you desire.

Just get your pen and paper filled with something.


Allocating time to outlining your work and clearing away the clutter of a foggy narrative can make the vision of your story clear.

I recognized the practice of outlining helped me with more than just creative work. It help me with finances, work choices, and goals for the year.

This morning I recognized I’d devote an entire day to outlining a story. The character details, the nuance of their decisions, the ideas that spark their interest all help build the overall narrative.

Sometimes, I’d think I was wasting time, but the planning made all the difference.

Moonlight and Bridges

I was traveling to a friends house when I saw this moon over the city. I snapped a photo and saved it for a writing sprint.

Changing the setting of your everyday writing routine can shift the tone of your work and add some inspiration if you’re encountering a momentary writer’s block or feeling uninspired.

A good real-life moment, like this, and a list can help you sort out the clutter and get you going with something new. I wrote ten secrets lovers would share, ten endings to a climactic battle, and ten things I noticed at the moment.

The bridge was noisy with cars and city sounds as the wind passed. Some people in cars honked because my car partially blocked the road. After I moved it—my car— I managed to write a short scene. Maybe it’ll lead to a new story.

Happy Holidays!

Clearing the Clutter

A cluttered workspace is the enemy of progress, the catalyst of procrastination, and the opposition of opportunity.

Some of us cling to the absurdity of organized chaos, but face it. Messy is messy, and it’s probably not helping you.

Think about it. When you start envisioning your dream. You create vision boards. You adapt a single-minded focus, and you approach all of your work with your vision in mind.

You gain leverage when your vision solves a real problem that saves others time, or helps them see the world in a new way.

Do the difficult work that brings your vision to life. Contact the people. Build the connections. Edit the pages. Start over, if you need to. But most importantly, do the work, bit by bit, piece by piece.

There is a dark tunnel begging for the light of your inspiration.

There is a wasteland waiting for new life.

There is a journey to your success waiting to begin.

Clean your desk then start with a blank page. Release your thoughts by writing them down. Examine your musings then connect the dots. Our minds are complex, our visions have meaning, and clarity of mind and space is priceless.


I hope you had a safe and restful holiday week. In my house, the festivities continue through the New Year. It places a strain on my introversion, but family and friends make the days much more meaningful. There’s a thousand new stories and million new things to learn about everyone. Sending abundance and blessings to you all. Happy Holidays!

Driving Attention

There is beauty in your goal and your mission. There is worthiness in your ambition. There is a journey that led you to build your dream.

As we market our vision, we seek the latest hacks and shortcuts that will drive traffic to our sites. We pay for attention. We jump into the latest trends. We seek gurus. We take our online courses. We learn, “The journey is reward.”

Although our focus may be engagement and conversion, the most telling metric of any endeavor cannot be quantified. The unique metrics are the questions you answer in your posting. Did you share your experience? Did you remind your clients why you started your business? Did you tell them why you paint each week? Did tell them why design is the only thing that keeps you up at night and you love every minute of it?

When you talk about your WHY, you dawn on something unique. You discover your true focus. You finally create something click-worthy. You tell a story.

Photo by @productschool


Things are shaping up with my webseries and edits on my narratives are still ongoing. I always find a way to create no matter how busy I get. Little by little, everything keeps coming together. Tell someone that matters that you love them, and stay focused on LOVE and your awesome work. Peace and Blessings!

Searching for Success

On our day to day journey, we encounter the stumbling blocks of achieving success. There is a ringing phone, there is our obsession with social media, and the relentless mental pressure of uncertainty.

On the flipside, there are the highs of the journey. It’s like waiting in line for a roller coaster. We wait in line for hours then the thrill and exhilaration finally becomes reality when we take the ride on the roller-coaster.

The paradox of both extremes is, no matter the high or low, we inevitably return to the center of the continuum. This is the silent place, the crossroads, the blank page that is the pathway to Art.

We are lucky that life isn’t two sided. Our journey isn’t just the highs and lows. We spend much more time in the middle than at the extremes.

This is why I get excited at the prospect of a blank page. I see the opportunity for creation, but the page, whether blank or filled, is the work of Art it is meant to be.

In our Art, we have the same opportunity. We can value reaching the top, or we can realize, on the continuum of success, the state of perfection is most likely the center not the extremes.

Credits: Photo by Thought Catalog


P.S. I’m still editing my webseries. This is no joke. I see why film industry folks have very specific jobs. Everything involving film or a webshow is a full-time gig. I salute their work! Likewise, my notebook is loving the plot twists as I continue to draft my next book, A Mother’s Song. Peace and Blessing with your Art! Stay focused and clear. The day is yours.


There is no shame in being second with Art. Art isn’t a race. Arts ending and beginning are the same: there is an idea that needs to be shared.

Sameness, on the other hand, is a race you can win. We’re usually motivated by greed, and the faster we replicate a mundane experience, the faster we cash-in and it’s over. This is good if you’re into short-term and mundane.

The true Artist recognizes the power of process and understands that creativity takes time. The Artist tests their big idea. The Artist refines their purpose and strategy. The Artist is brave enough to take the leap and ship their work, no matter the circumstance or stumbling block.

First is best for athletes and auto races. Remarkable, when it solves problems and creates an entirely different way to view the world, shifts the paradigm and offers new opportunities for the artist and the world.

Photo by Giorgio Trovato


My next installment of Life Cycle of an UB3R Driver is live. I know you’re out there making good art. Believe in yourself and keep the love flowing.

The Truth about Focus

We spend so much time searching for the secret that will change our lives forever.

We read book after book. We download resource after resource. We refine our vision and purpose, over and over again.

This is a cycle.

My advice is always the same. Avoid the pronouns and dig into the specifics. Identify your goals and seek the true essence of your focus.

If your purpose is scale, then scale. If it is capacity to meet needs, then amplify until you reach your limits. If it is cost reduction, avoid greed and maximize value. If it is Art then, create.

There is something beautiful in your mind waiting for the light. Craft it. Cultivate it. Create it. Most importantly, avoid the pronouns, and at last, identify your purpose as the Art this world needs.


After a much needed break, I’ve gotten through another week of filming. A small hiatus works wonders for us dedicated individuals. I’ve been avoiding screen time and the endless scrolling to get back to my writing. My word count is increasing and my connections have grown deeper.

I hope everyone is finding their place by meeting their goals and discovering the life-long art that brings clarity and purpose to each of their days. If your aren’t. Start by drawing a picture. I’m sure there is a vision somewhere inside you.

Working by Lamplight

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I plugged in an old lamp next to my bed this week. I gathered a stack of old notebooks from my backpack, and I wrote in the lamplight.

Place and setting have a lot to do with work. Sometimes, it’s difficult to reach flow when you’re stuck in a noisy setting or working through interruption after interruption.

Every artist knows there is never a perfect time for art. We make time and make the most of every moment.

Every brushstroke on the page, every post that tells the story of your best work paints the portrait of a remarkable story that can lead others, help in dark times, and share new an valuable insight the pushes the boundaries of thought and personal development.

Make a haven for your connections and build the space for your best work to thrive every day.


I’m still filming my web series. It’s the final week of production then it’s on to edits. I’m also working on my next installment of Dorean Black, A Mother’s Song. I don’t have a definite release date for the work, but getting the pages done is worth the effort. Keep up the awesome work. The world is beautiful because each day has a different opportunity to make a wonderful day for you and the people you love. Peace.

Photo by: Viktoriya