Day 3 of the Friday Writes Blog Challenge

For the next 30 days, I am hosting the Friday Writes blog challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge for bloggers and writers looking to jumpstart their blog and get connected with other writers. Topics for the entire challenge are part of the screenshot below. Share your post on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaywritesblogchallenge.


Today’s post is all about staying organized. I have a few quick philosophies that I use.  I don’t employ an elaborate method. If you have more than 3 to 5 rules, you probably have chaos.

Side note, I remember when I wasn’t very organized and, I didn’t have a process to sort out my daily tasks or organize items into categories. I relied on my memory and placed things in familiar locations which led to a slow journey to chaos.  During my time as an educator,  I learned the value of truly being organized and I have not looked back since. My go-to philosophies are below.

Number One: Everything has its place. 

Create a place for everything that a space. This is where you sort things and group things that have similar utility. I have a place for financial records; I have a place for writing notebooks. I have a place for fun and leisure time items. Everything in your life needs a place, so things aren’t strewn about or left in unfamiliar places.

Number Two: Use tools to help you stay organized.

Every organized person uses tools to organize their space.  I use notebooks and digital binders to keep up with my writing and filmmaking. I use storage bins to sort out my film equipment and other tools for my household. If your first philosophy is everything that needs a place, then you need to have specific and appropriate tools to effectively store your items.

Number Three: Don’t be afraid to let things go. 

One of the biggest tips on staying organized is not getting lost in the milieu of hoarding.  Getting rid of old stuff and living a more minimalist existence may be what you need to remain organized.

Number Four:  Don’t reinvent the wheel. 

I’ll keep this one short because I was only supposed to list three tips. Look online for great ways to organize your lifestyle, office, email inbox, and writing journey. You don’t have to start from scratch. There are tons of people who specialize in helping with organization, and many of their strategies are free and available to you online. Do some research and let go of the chaos of disorganization.

P.S. The 200 words or less limit is crushing. Write freely, but keep it short. Stay Connected!

Writing Routines

For the next 30 days, I am hosting the Friday Writes blog challenge. It’s a 30-day challenge for bloggers and writers looking to jumpstart their blog and get connected with other writers. Tomorrow’s topic: What are three tips you have for staying organized.

Share your post on Twitter with the hashtag #fridaywritesblogchallenge.

Have fun and Stay Connected!


I’m going to cut to the chase on this one. The biggest challenge to completing your work is you. In my case, that’s me. I had to come to terms with this reality to get more work done and reach my writer goals. I used all kinds of software. I tried mind tricks and yoga, but nothing changed until I examined the things that were holding me back and used them as inspiration to solve my problem.

My typical writing day starts with reading over my work from yesterday and editing it. I have a worksheet for the edits, and I categorize the scenes as things I need to cut, things I need to strengthen, and things I need to replace. After I fill my categories and perform my minor edits, I set a timer, look over my scene outlines, and start my work.

This is when the fun begins because I get to relax and let the story flow out of the furthest reaches of my mind. Sometimes I get emotional because I have to write weighty scenes with harsh experiences for my characters. I often feel like I am living through some of the incidents, but in the end, I know it’s only part of my imagination.

After my time hits zero, I relax and turn off my PC. I get as far away from the story as I can and wait for tomorrow to get back into it. Distancing myself from my work allows me to evaluate it without the proximity blindness that occurs from being too close and familiar with it. 

I rinse and repeat this method until the end, and I focus on watching the world for inspiration which leads to deeper meanings and discoveries about the human condition and our connections to the world.

Urban Space

The night is honest in its resilience. We are bold as we endeavor into its embrace.

The urban landscape is one of the few places bright enough to call our attention from the stars and seduce us with its artificial light.

As the night shifts into morning, the calm gifts us the clarity to wade through the pending chaos of an urban morning.


This week was all about returning to self and finding the space for creativity. Walks at night and photos usually get my inspiration churning.

I’m sure you have a dozen ways to find inspiration. I always say do what’s best for you. I’m inspired most by conversations with friends and the calm silence that follows when our spirits part ways.

I’ve reopened my website, and I’ve been finishing up some video work from the past few weeks. I can’t wait to be done and get back to the Dorean Black series.

If you have a website please share it with me on Twitter or IG, just comment website and leave your link on an old post. I love exploring author pages and checking out new writing.

Side note: Keeping a blog is a little therapeutic and looking back on each post is the best part of the journey.

Keep writing and Stay Connected!

It’s Time to Win

A lot of our day to day routine is a relentless cycle brewed by powers we feel we have no control over.

We strengthen this destructive mindset by continuing on the path of the mundane. Forgetting our art and our passion to feel secure in our world and afraid to take a risk to make a difference.

Our urge to seek comfort is a stark difference from the desires of our ancestors who battled and risked their lives to survive winters and gather food for their tribes.

I don’t want to get all preachy, but it’s time to risk something and win. Don’t quit your job, but go after something that will change your life forever.


This week has been all about organizing my book making process and refining my editing process.

I’ve broken things down to Writing, Editing, and Marketing/Publishing. Each portion is 100% essential to preparing your book for your audience. If you don’t give it your all something will fall flat and you’ll be wondering what happened.

P.S. Have an amazing day. There is love to share and a world that needs the best of us. Most importantly, we need the best from ourselves.

Writing is Life

Believing in yourself is the key to achieving your greatest accomplishments.

Writing has always been my deepest passion, and I don’t feel right if I’m not scribbling words onto a sheet of paper.

For me, it’s always been the thrill of crafting a new story or sharing a dream with others that has driven me to write.

I didn’t have to be perceived as the best at it or the best at grammar and punctuation to continue this calling. What mattered most was that the voice and visions deep inside me had life.

Giving voice to and applying action to your deepest passion is the greatest tool you have on the journey of self-development. Keep building and keep expanding your story on your path to journey to greatness.

P.S. My web series is finally live and I’ve got a new story on my portfolio site. Keep working on your vision. Keep building day by day.

Your Mornings

Your mornings belong to you.

Today may be the perfect day to set the tone for the rest of your week.

Clear the clutter and start your day with a meeting with yourself, two-hours of interrupted time for your art, or creating a list of pros and cons for your goals.

Don’t think about it. Get up and do it.


The best satisfaction is realizing you helped someone and changed a life for the better.

Bring truth to fact the world is abundant and filled with opportunity. Make space for growth and abundance by becoming a resource, a confidant, and a teacher to your peers and audience.

Be clever and bold with your assertions and be smart with your targets and goals.

Paint the picture you see inside by letting go of extraneous obligations as you stay on the path to your best.

The day is yours. Be bold and help others as you work to achieve your very best.

Photos and Journeys

I took some photos in a old yard this week.

It made me think of abandoned things and aging with grace.

I was never sure why we discard things or make things and leave them.

We tell ourselves stories to justify the separation then someone comes along and finds beauty in things we could never see ourselves.


Sometimes we cling to our job titles and descriptions at our own peril.

Don’t get me wrong, roles can help define boundaries and clear-up expectations, but living a role to the point you close your outlook to the potential and possibilities of new experiences and new opportunities is a one-way ticket to the mundane and mediocre.

Open your mind to new languages new expertise, new skills, and new experiences.

Welcome and embrace new opportunities for LEARNING, and your heart, outlook, and sense of peace will unlock new pathways to greatness.

Have an awesome day! And remember success is self-made. Get out there and get to it.

The Reward

Waiting for the perfect day to start your journey is waiting for a day that may never arrive. Your best option is to start the 5K while no one is watching. Start the book when it’s noisy and there is no opportunity for peace. Get going when the weather is cloudy and a there is a 100% chance for rain.

Starting without fanfare and ceremony makes the beautiful days easier and the tough times more valuable when you conquer the challenge.

As we hit the third week of the New Year, it’s important to know, your new habits and your new focus usually reach the crossroads of choice. The place where you choose to continue to greatness or return to the same mediocre habits.

Take the pathway that leads to your best results. The journey and the battle for success are the greatest rewards.