Your Mornings

Your mornings belong to you.

Today may be the perfect day to set the tone for the rest of your week.

Clear the clutter and start your day with a meeting with yourself, two-hours of interrupted time for your art, or creating a list of pros and cons for your goals.

Don’t think about it. Get up and do it.

The Good Things

Make time for yourself. The world is filled with opportunities to drive productivity, take on tasks, and complete another project.

Meanwhile, time for reflection and rebuilding is the scarce commodity. The good things rest in our choices. Whether we choose to burn at both ends, or discover the power of downtime, we must realize, both the day and night have their opportunities to flourish.

It may take some time to create your ideal schedule, but in doing so, you make space and time for the good things that may need more of your time and attention.

P.S. Stay connected and focused as you take on new and exciting adventures. I’m conducting a photoshoot today. Sharing, if I get something blog worthy. Also, rough cuts of my web series are with my test audience. Awaiting feedback. Eager to get things ready for the world. Keep hustling, the day is yours.

The Truth about Focus

We spend so much time searching for the secret that will change our lives forever.

We read book after book. We download resource after resource. We refine our vision and purpose, over and over again.

This is a cycle.

My advice is always the same. Avoid the pronouns and dig into the specifics. Identify your goals and seek the true essence of your focus.

If your purpose is scale, then scale. If it is capacity to meet needs, then amplify until you reach your limits. If it is cost reduction, avoid greed and maximize value. If it is Art then, create.

There is something beautiful in your mind waiting for the light. Craft it. Cultivate it. Create it. Most importantly, avoid the pronouns, and at last, identify your purpose as the Art this world needs.


After a much needed break, I’ve gotten through another week of filming. A small hiatus works wonders for us dedicated individuals. I’ve been avoiding screen time and the endless scrolling to get back to my writing. My word count is increasing and my connections have grown deeper.

I hope everyone is finding their place by meeting their goals and discovering the life-long art that brings clarity and purpose to each of their days. If your aren’t. Start by drawing a picture. I’m sure there is a vision somewhere inside you.

Working by Lamplight

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I plugged in an old lamp next to my bed this week. I gathered a stack of old notebooks from my backpack, and I wrote in the lamplight.

Place and setting have a lot to do with work. Sometimes, it’s difficult to reach flow when you’re stuck in a noisy setting or working through interruption after interruption.

Every artist knows there is never a perfect time for art. We make time and make the most of every moment.

Every brushstroke on the page, every post that tells the story of your best work paints the portrait of a remarkable story that can lead others, help in dark times, and share new an valuable insight the pushes the boundaries of thought and personal development.

Make a haven for your connections and build the space for your best work to thrive every day.


I’m still filming my web series. It’s the final week of production then it’s on to edits. I’m also working on my next installment of Dorean Black, A Mother’s Song. I don’t have a definite release date for the work, but getting the pages done is worth the effort. Keep up the awesome work. The world is beautiful because each day has a different opportunity to make a wonderful day for you and the people you love. Peace.

Photo by: Viktoriya

Remain Focused

Our social landscape is an ever-turning hamster wheel of frenzy and noise. Attention has a price, and lately monetization is the deep focus of many creator’s dreams.

Find the place where vision transcends profit, and the problem-worth-solving outweighs the attention seeking behaviors of a social media content cycle.

All of my friends, even the ones who have “made it,” still ask the question, what else is there, after they’ve ascended and their thirst for profit becomes a thirst for something.

Be honest and clear with your vision and hone in on the remarkable problems worth solving. Fame, notoriety, and profit may not be the side-effects of success that you seek. You are searching for something far greater.

Photo by @clarktibbs