Merits and Accolades

We often seek merits and accolades more than the tried and true journey of good, honest work.

It’s cool to glance into our crystal ball of expectations and wish our hardest to arrive at the pinnacle of our imaginative musings.

Visualizing can be a good strategy for conceiving your best accomplishments, but at some point, you’ll need to break-ground and clear the debris to make way for your new beginning.

Don’t settle into the notion your imagination will do the work of your hands. Connect your aspirations to your physical world and bring your best art into the world.

P.S. I’m in the final stages of getting my webseries done. The marketing phase isn’t my strongest discipline, but with a little ingenuity, I’m getting things done. I hope you’ve had a good week. Be brave; the day is yours.


The sunlight is our natural space. The grace of morning recaptures our greatest ambition and triumph looms on the horizon of our endeavors.

Some of our ambitions aren’t grand enough for our reality. Wake-up and go for your grandest dream. Time is a testament to the urgency of making the leap. We either remain the same or fulfill our greatest potential.

P.S. My photo shoot went well. I posted a few of the portraits on my IG account. My latest short is also on my portfolio site, and I get my feedback from my test audience this weekend. It’s been a busy month, but I’m enjoying the grind. Back to the hustle, sleep can wait.

The Good Things

Make time for yourself. The world is filled with opportunities to drive productivity, take on tasks, and complete another project.

Meanwhile, time for reflection and rebuilding is the scarce commodity. The good things rest in our choices. Whether we choose to burn at both ends, or discover the power of downtime, we must realize, both the day and night have their opportunities to flourish.

It may take some time to create your ideal schedule, but in doing so, you make space and time for the good things that may need more of your time and attention.

P.S. Stay connected and focused as you take on new and exciting adventures. I’m conducting a photoshoot today. Sharing, if I get something blog worthy. Also, rough cuts of my web series are with my test audience. Awaiting feedback. Eager to get things ready for the world. Keep hustling, the day is yours.


I commonly work 18 hours a day. Six are for my dreams, 2 are for meals, 2 are for driving, and leisure. The other 8 hold up my world. I’ll never grow frustrated with this circumstance, the gift of purpose overshadows this challenge.

It’s easy to grow satisfied with the hustle to manifest your dream, but often, we never take inventory of our progress and human connections along the way. We’re so interested in the next move. We forget the simple things that are most important.

Take a breath to remember where you are. The world is vast. The air sustains us. Breathe often. Breathe with purpose. Breathe, because, of all the things we do, our next breath is literally the most important task of all.

Photo by Martin Adams

P.S. The world is a beautiful place. Don’t forget the landscape, the pebbles, the alleys, and the small places have the best inspiration. Still editing my webseries and putting the pieces together to make the project whole.

Grace and Bravery

This week, I wrote a page of songs. I’ll never sing them. I’ll never share them. I’ll lock them away in my notebook with grace. 

Sometimes, we rename our fears. We call fear grace. We call fear procrastination. We call fear an abundance of things, but its greatest side effect is wasting our time. 

Write your page of songs and be brave enough to give them voice and amplify them with strategy. 

The alternative, locking your best work in a tower, sounds like the plot of a fairy tale movie. Be your own hero and break free of fear. 

P.S. The next installment of of Life Cycle of an UB3R driver is live. And I’m still editing my webseries. Can’t wait to share the artist statement and present the work. Grace and Bravery, Always.

More to Life

It’s nice to believe the key to happiness is wealth and the secret to success is intense visualization of that successful pathway. Dream harder, and if you’re not accomplishing your dream, dream even harder.

I usually explain to my friends, work hard, get good, and be consistent. You’ll either become proficient at visualization or you’ll consistently work hard and accomplish your goal. The world is simple. Stop making everything complicated.


I’m returning to Writing is Life as my primary avenue for building connections, and I’m pleased to be back.

During the past year, I’ve been on my official website moving pages, crafting copy, writing fiction, drafting screenplays, and filming a webseries.

I’ve enjoyed every minute of it, but I didn’t want to lose my connection with this space. With that said, I’ll be in your inbox at least once a week with the beautiful things I’ve found during the week. I figure, a dose of insight and beauty keeps us grounded in this crazy world.

Capable of Success

Success maybe more about being capable of the vision than simply achieving it.

Sometimes, we focus on the end goal, and bypass the knowledge and skill set that make you able to achieve the success that you have envisioned.

Success is the byproduct of commitment and hard work. It is defined at the personal level; it is acquired after sacrifice and persistence against all odds.

Work smart and learn something new each day. Practice and solve your problems scientifically. Measure your results and use data to help you discover the keys to success. Work on being capable of the vision.

Comfort and Safety

If it feels comfortable and safe go further. Move to the edge of your efforts. Pour everything into your growth, your vision, your journey to great things. Everything else is just the warm-up. Get going and do not look back.


Change your grip on your world. Change the points where you’re holding onto negative experiences as your identity.

Change your grasp of new knowledge and tech that can make your job easier. Change your routine if it’s not serving your purpose and liberating your spirit.

The caveat is, your goal shouldn’t be change for change’s sake. Improve your capability to handle the journey as your step into success.


Wasting away in your own imagination is trending down. Dig into your awesomeness and strategize for greatness.